Usa: Michigan does not recommend successful to (open) restaurants

There is an upsurge in cases of Coronavirus in some US states: Michigan , for example, does not recommend dining in restaurants , which however continue to operate according to the regulations in force.

In fact, it is not a question of real bans, but more of recommendations: “After a year, we all know how it works and this must be a team effort. We have to do it together. Lives depend on it, ”Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said, urging high schools to temporarily stop face-to-face learning and residents to limit their activities, as well as advise against going to restaurants.

A new wave of Covid-19 cases is in fact overwhelming the state’s public health system. But the choice is to no longer give “orders, mandates or rules”, leaving the best choices to common sense. Restaurants therefore continue their business according to the rules, yet public institutions advise against frequenting them: a situation that, seen with Italian eyes, is paradoxical.


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But there are cultures – such as America – that traditionally put personal freedoms first and believe very much – rightly or wrongly – in the principle of self-determination. The Michigan councilor then appealed to the Biden administration to send Johnson & Johnson single-injection vaccines for more to combat the spike in cases in the state.