Only 15 miles from the Russian boundary, the town was one of the principal caught in February’s attack.

Holding it gave Vladimir Putin’s warriors admittance to key extensions and permitted them to shell the close by city of Kharkiv.

Russian soldiers likewise utilized their occupation to send off a nauseating frenzy of homicide, hijack and assault on the 5,000-in number populace.

In any case, fighting Ukrainian powers re-took Ruska Lozova last month — and not entirely settled to keep hold of the town.

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On the off chance that the Russians figured out how to take control once more, they would win an enormous publicity triumph and utilize the region as a springboard to send off offensives across the north east of Ukraine.

There is areas of strength for a presence in the space however the town — with shops, homes, streets and scaffolds obliterated — has been essentially deserted by its occupants.
As Russia’s powers toss all that they can at the town, we were conceded elite admittance to administrators and troops.

A sign of how close the foe is came extremely close to our appearance as we were enticed into a structure to hide in the midst of fears Russian robots were surrounding in anticipation of an assault.

Administrator Kostiantyn Zhydkov, 45, made sense of how his powers were controlling and safeguarding the region.

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