Many people are waiting for the U.K.-U.S. border to reopen for many reasons. They want to see their loved ones, to reunite and reunite with friends, or to finally take the trip they have been longing to.

The airline industry is urging the United Kingdom to encourage travel between the two countries as President Biden will be arriving in the U.K. for the G7 Summit in Cornwall next week. This will be his first overseas trip since taking office.

  • The heads of the airline industry pressed again the Biden administration for lifting restrictions during a virtual press conference held on Monday 7th June. The U.S. Travel Association, Heathrow Airport executives, and the CEOs at American Airlines, British Airways and Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and JetBlue asked the U.S. government to “expeditiously open transatlantic travel.” It was hoped that an announcement would be made during President Biden’s visit.
  • Both governments were criticized for failing to explain the reasons behind keeping borders closed. This was in relation to explaining data assumptions and methodology. According to The Telegraph, Shai Weiss (chief executive of Virgin Atlantic) stated that a delay of one day in opening the corridor between the U.K. & the U.S. would cost the economy PS23 ($32.5) millions. According to the traffic light system used by the government, Malta, the U.S., and the Caribbean should all be green.

InsureMyTrip reports that Americans are looking for and purchasing travel insurance for European trips again. The top ten list is back in the Top Ten since the pandemic. These people need to be aware of key dates that will determine when borders may open on either side. (Not all borders have to open simultaneously).

Theory 1: The U.S. ban remains in effect until the Canadian/Mexican border is opened, which will be after 21 June

The U.S./Canadian border , which is the longest in the world will remain closed until at most 21 June. It will also be closed for the Mexican border (although it is still possible fly, as the air frontier is not closed).

This theory is the most rational, as the U.S. is less likely than its European and British counterparts to lift the ban on travel from them.

Theory 2: On 28 June, the U.K. could include the U.S. in its safe green list of non-quarantine nations

The U.K. government published its safe-list of countries on May 17. From this list, arrivals to the country would not be subject to quarantine. Non-essential travel will also be permitted. The list included 12 countries. It was updated on 8 June to remove Portugal from the list. Many travelers would have to pay higher airfares to return home before the 4 AM cutoff, after which a 10-day quarantine would be required. On 28 June, the U.K. will update the list of safe countries. At that point, it could add the U.S.