A TV reporter from West Virginia was recently struck by a car while reporting live on the impacts of severe weather. The TV reporter, named Tori Yorgey, had been covering a storm in Dunbar City when she was struck by a vehicle. She was able to finish the report without incident, and was able to assure viewers that she was fine after the accident. She also defended her work on Twitter, telling viewers that she was unaware of the accident until she was thrown out of the frame by a driver who didn’t care. The driver, Tim Irr, was unable to stop to help, so she went to check on her.

Yorgey, a reporter for WSAZ-TV in West Virginia, was on the air when the accident occurred. She was on her way to report information on a broken water pipe in Dunbar, West Virginia, when she was hit from the side by an SUV, and was knocked unconscious. The crash sent her flying across the airwaves, and her life was saved.

The TV reporter was attempting to report live on the impact of the snowstorm on Dunbar, West Virginia, when she was hit by a car on January 19. She recovered quickly from the incident and told the on-air anchor that she was fine, but she was seriously injured in the accident and had to go to the hospital. After a week of treatment at a hospital, she will start work for WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh, where she grew up.

While Yorgey is lucky enough to recover from the accident, her job may not have been safe. Her safety was the first priority, and she reacted in a professional manner. The accident caused her to lose her license. Fortunately, she is doing fine, but the traumatic accident is a reminder of the dangers of live broadcasting. So, don’t hesitate to call 911 right away if you have questions about the incident.

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Yorgey, a Pennsylvania native, was killed while reporting on the weather impacts of extreme winter weather. The reporter was fine, but the incident has affected her career. Many have questioned whether or not she should continue reporting, pointing out the lack of safety protocol. The accident has also caused her to lose her job. She will not be able to return to her job. But, as a TV reporter, she had a voice.

After the accident, Yorgey’s job prospects were not affected. She received several job offers, but she will be returning home on Feb. 1. Her resiliency and her work ethic have been praised, but her colleagues have criticized the lack of safety protocols. She had a cameraman on scene who would have filmed her. She is a great journalist and should be admired by the public.