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Travel Funds Kids (TFK), the “hidden gem” fundraiser, as dotingly described by some of its participating organizations, is working to support local communities in a massive way. The online fundraiser is dedicated to improving the economic impact on schools, business owners and community organizations.

“Due to zoning, lack of funding and many other factors, schools are facing an ongoing decrease in the level of support they’re able to provide to developing minds. Parents and guardians are often asked to pay for field trips, dances and bake sales, and see very little, if any improvement to the quality of the educational experience of their children.” says Straughn, founder of the project.

Travel Funds Kids was originally dedicated to the improvisation of the educational systems in place. However, Straughn implied that the recent changes in the world inspired her to expand the eligibility of the fundraiser to local organizations as well.

“Local businesses are failing, mom and pop shops are dying, and not even our religious sanctuaries are surviving the changes of our world today. If we do nothing, it’s only a matter of time before it all fades away. What would that leave our next generation, except the job of cleaning up the mess that we didn’t rectify.”

Identifying that more communities can benefit from having recurring donations, TFK has been completely digitized and now operates 100% online. This digitization allows the fundraiser to have a larger impact on communities across the globe. 

“Travel Funds Kids is more than just another fundraiser.” Straughn continues. “It’s a project dedicated to the empowerment of community. We incentivize our supporters because traditional fundraisers do not provide anything in return, which ultimately leads to a cease of funding. With us, supporters can travel the world and gain access to world-class products that they’ll love. In return, local organizations can generate monthly capital with one project, one dedicated team and the ability to add new supporters whenever they’d like.They are also able to add or subtract products or subscriptions any time, without any hidden fees.”

The fundraiser has generated over $400,000 since inception and has impacted over 1 million children worldwide thanks to its contribution to charitable organizations.

“This is just the beginning.” Straughn says. “We’re going to change the world.”

To support an ongoing fundraiser or start your own, visit or send a direct message on Instagram, @travelfundskids.