The financial devastation that the pandemic has wreaked across industries has been mostly similar, but the losses hospitality and travel have suffered are quite unprecedented.

Premier holiday destinations, also, have had to swing from closure to reopening and back quite erratically, for instance, Maldives, which a few days back closed its borders to Indian tourists.

The fall in travel in the previous one year has also seen Phuket’s tourist market dip just like never before. The Phuket News reported that at one point, the per capita tourism income was in danger of crashing beneath the provincial poverty line. Now, however, according to a fresh announcement, Thailand is likely to welcome foreign travellers who were completely vaccinated, from July 1.

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Once employed, the nation will allow fully vaccinated tourists from low-risk nations to fly directly to the historical city of Phuket that’s a hit with tourists for its beaches, seafood restaurants, and vibrant celebration scene among other things