Three South American Nations Launch 2030 World Cup Bid

South American nations launch 2030 World Cup bid

Three South American nations are now vying for the 2030 World Cup. Argentina will likely host the majority of the tournament’s stadiums. Uruguay and Paraguay will likely have two or three stadiums. The South American bid will likely involve six to eight stadiums. In all, the continent will be home to approximately 40 World Cup games. The three countries will likely have different types of stadiums, but they will all be used for the tournament.


The joint Uruguay-Argentina World Cup bid first came to light in 2017, but has only now become official. The joint bid is timed to coincide with the centennial of the first World Cup and the bicentennial of the Uruguayan Constitution. A joint bid by Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile is expected to cost around $5 billion. The countries have already agreed to share the bid process, but there are still some disagreements over the details.


The 2022 FIFA World Cup is just around the corner and many countries in South America have already announced their plans to host the tournament. Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile have long planned to host the event. Their “Juntos 2030” bid has finally become official. This bid centers around the desire to bring the World Cup back to South America after Uruguay hosted the first World Cup in 1930. During the tournament, Uruguay won the tournament.


In the coming years, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay are expected to launch joint bids for hosting the 2030 World Cup. The idea for the tournament first arose in Uruguay 100 years ago. Uruguay, the only South American nation to have never hosted a World Cup, is the prime candidate for hosting the event in 2030. However, it will still need FIFA authorization before it can begin construction on stadiums.


A joint bid by four South American nations to host the 2030 World Cup has begun. It hopes to bring the World Cup back to the region it first played in. Uruguay and Paraguay hosted the World Cup in 1930 and are the only remaining South American teams to have won the final. Peru, Chile, and Argentina are also part of the bid, and are under the slogan “Juntos 2030.”

Uruguay’s Centenario stadium

The Centenario stadium in Uruguay hosted the World Cup final in 1930. The country’s bid is a thorn in the side of Argentina, which is bidding to host the 2030 World Cup in the United States. While the United States is a strong contender, Argentina and Uruguay may also face questions regarding their budgets and spending. Uruguay, whose capital is Montevideo, is one of the oldest and most prestigious in South America. In addition, the joint bid from the Iberian countries could pose a challenge.

Paraguay’s two stadiums

Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay have announced a joint bid to host the 2030 World Cup. The three countries are also co-sponsoring the tournament, which is expected to be held in six to eight stadiums across the region. Uruguay is currently hosting the South American Games, which take place in Asuncion between October 1 and 15. Both Paraguay and Uruguay are candidates to host the final match but need FIFA authorization before they can go ahead with the bid.

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Chile’s second stadium

In the wake of the earthquake in Chile’s capital, the country has revealed that it is in the process of building a second stadium. Currently, Santiago’s Monumental Stadium holds 47,500 fans and is scheduled for expansion, making it a more suitable venue for hosting the 2030 World Cup. The expansion will include the construction of up to 10,000 seats that will offer partial views of the pitch. The stadium is expected to be completed by 2020 and will be part of a joint bid with Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. A formal bid will be made by FIFA in 2020, with a decision expected by 2022.