Summer is nearly here, and it’s making me feel alive.

Even though it’s gotten warmer in New York in the past weeks, the official beginning of summer on Sunday feels just like a long-awaited sign of brighter days ahead — both literally and figuratively.

I am kicking off the season by getting outdoors and soaking up some sun-delivered dopamine . One way I’m planning to enjoy the weather would be with a picnic in Central Park to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

And we are going all out: summery drinks, a charcuterie board, a games and cake!

The picnic will mark the initial”party” I’ve been to since the pandemic started, which is crazy and thrilling at precisely the exact same time. Since it is outdoors and everybody will be fully vaccinated, I am feeling quite secure. There is really exciting about the Thought of interacting with friends and family of friends again

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Obviously, like many people, I’m still easing back into social circumstances, so the rest of my weekend I will likely be recharging using a solo studying afternoon in the park or bicycle ride through my neighborhood.

I’m feeling optimistic for this year to start, which can be an emotion I’m going to continue to for as long as I can.

In addition to the start of summer, this weekend is also Juneteenth and Father’s Day