Queen Elizabeth will supposedly miss the Royal Ascot races for the second day straight, reigniting wellbeing fears

Queen Elizabeth will supposedly miss the Royal Ascot races for the second day straight as worries about her declining wellbeing keep on developing, revealed Express UK.

The 96-year-old ruler is supposed to be a flake-out at the Ascot racecourse today because of ’roundabout versatility issues’, which would imply that she will miss one of her race-ponies, Perfect Alibi, partake in a race.

This comes only two days after the Queen was envisioned looking especially ‘slight’ and with a more intricate strolling stick to assist her with getting around.

Regal Ascot is a long way from being the primary significant imperial occasion that the Queen will miss; lately, the ruler has missed a few key occasions, remembering the State Opening of Parliament for May and greater part of her Jubilee festivities.

She even pulled out of going to the Jubilee thanksgiving administration at St Paul’s Cathedral on June 3, in the wake of griping of ‘uneasiness’ the other day

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