In our series of letters in African American journalists, Kenyan broadcaster Waihiga Mwaura writes concerning cryptocurrency scams, like one that traded his title to fleece investors.

I received a call in the physician I didn’t know, inquiring whether I’d interviewed a Kenyan billionaire about a brand new Bitcoin product on a nondescript site.

I sighed with difficulty since I knew that he had fallen prey to some two-year-old online scam that declared that combined with a local billionaire, I’d supported a cryptocurrency trading platform.

Despite my very best attempts to frighten Kenyans about the scam through my social networking platforms, it appears that the conmen had retained changing addresses and approaches to target vulnerable Kenyans, who awaken optimistic that the day will endure much better tidings.

In what’s a mixture of large appetite for risk – and – despair – many autumn for Ponzi schemes which initially look to be an answer to prayer.

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The most recent scam to be discovered in Kenya was about the program called Amazon Internet Worker Africa, which promised to be an affiliate Amazon Inc. and has been available via a cellular and net program.

A couple of weeks ago, investors at Amazon Web Worker awakened to discover the program was deleted out of the Google Play Store without official communication and their investment, even for a few running into tens of thousands of dollars, has been currently inaccessible.

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The suggestion was easy, get paid for referring other people to the program and get compensated for saving your cash on the program. You were guaranteed a proportion of yields as your main investment stayed secure.

The moment the program disappeared, hundreds of Kenyans flooded different social networking platforms to share their concerns, together with a few lamenting that close family and friends had introduced them into the”investment opportunity”.