The Best Weight Loss Supplements

Did you know that winter is the best time to focus on losing weight? Most efforts are more effective than in the summer months. the best weight loss supplements

Working out during the blistery months of the year can aid in fat loss and develop strong thermogenesis abilities. 

If you want to shed some pounds before a vacation or summer, there are a few supplements to help.

Keep reading to discover the best weight loss supplements that won’t overwhelm your body and heart! 

Green Tea Extract

One of the best weight loss supplements that have been around for centuries is green tea extract. 

Green tea is often thought to be a ‘superfood’ since it has strong antioxidants and minerals. The leaves hold the extract, which can protect cells, prevent cancer, and aid in weight loss. If you want to balance blood sugar levels and focus on body health from the inside out, this is your best choice.

The natural extracts can reduce body fat, especially in areas surrounding the stomach. Although there are some side effects when taking the supplement, many people notice positive results. If you experience digestive discomfort, dizziness, or nausea, you may want to stop.  

Bitter Orange

Africa and Asia are known for producing bitter orange trees, but they are also found in the Mediterranean and parts of the US. 

Bitter orange contains a stimulant that speeds metabolism, resulting in more burned calories. Each time you work out or do cardio activities, you will burn more calories and fat. If you deal with high blood pressure, you may have to take a smaller dose or talk to your doctor.  

Start slow with this supplement since it can lead to strokes, fainting, and high blood pressure. If your doctor says it’s safe, you’ll start burning fat in your sleep with bitter orange in your system.


As long as you don’t have a shellfish allergy, you can receive the benefits of weight loss chemicals found in natural sugars.

Lobsters, shrimp, and crabs produce a specific type of sugar called chitosan, which forms on the outer layer of their shells. This sugar has been proven to prevent fats and cholesterol from getting absorbed into the body. 

This is a wonderful way to beat a slow metabolism since it comes with minimal side effects. Some people experience constipation and upset stomachs, but these reactions are rare. 

Green Coffee Extract

Similar to green tea extract, green coffee has many benefits that can aid in losing weight. 

The green coffee extract helps prevent fat from accumulating and can lower high blood pressure levels. There’s a specific acid in this extract that can turn burn glucose, fat, and carbs. If you have a slow metabolism, this natural supplement can help. 

This supplement is recommended for people with kidney issues since it can relieve stress and inflammation. Avoid taking your green coffee supplements after meals, since they can react with other foods. 

To see the most results, drink green coffee or take supplements about 30 minutes before you have breakfast. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and you will reduce your chances of getting side effects. 


Studies are still being conducted to discover the weight loss effects of cardarine, but it’s looking to be a helpful resource. 

Cardarine is a synthetic compound used by athletes and gym-goers. It works by speeding up the metabolism process to increase energy and fuel. This is a great supplement if you want to burn stubborn fat or get a leaner body style. 

Those looking to bulk up or join competitions should avoid cardarine. Since it’s artificially enhanced, it’s prohibited within competitions and performances. If you’re competing and test positive for this supplement, you may get excluded or banned from the event. 

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

It wasn’t until 2012 that Garcinia Cambogia became popular in the United States.

Dr. Oz was one of the first people to promote this supplement and many studies have come out since. Although there is a lawsuit against the company, there are connections between weight loss and this powerful extract. 

Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical fruit with antioxidants that can help people lose weight. This has become a common solution for people with diabetes since it can encourage significant fat reduction. 

This fruit can help with weight loss in a few ways. Not only does it suppress the appetite, but it can prevent your body from holding onto fat. Talk to your doctor about taking this extract since it can produce uncomfortable side effects. 

Chromium Picolinate

If you have type 2 diabetes and aren’t getting the weight loss results you want, chromium picolinate may help.

Chromium picolinate can help stabilize blood sugar levels and convert food into energy. If your organs can’t find fuel within your food, this supplement will aid in weight loss. This mineral is necessary for story fats, proteins, and carbs. 

It’s important to note that some people experience a low appetite and irritability while starting the supplement. If you have kidney issues, you should consult with your doctor before trying this option. 


Products like Hydroxycut contain weight loss chemicals that can help you meet your fitness goals. 

This has been a popular supplement since the early 2000s and many people have seen positive results. Caffeine and green coffee extract are included in Hydroxycut, which helps speed the metabolism and burn fat. This is a great option if you were once seeing results with green coffee extract, but they no longer are. 

Hydroxycut isn’t recommended for people with high-stress levels. It can cause jitteriness, irritability, and increased anxiety. 

Raspberry Ketones

Most people are unaware, but the same thing creating the delicious aroma of raspberries can also aid in weight loss. 

Raspberry ketones are a natural substance, but there are often synthetic versions on the shelves. These ketones can help break down fat and balance hormone levels that make it difficult to lose weight. Within 10 weeks, you should start seeing results from the supplement, but you’ll start feeling the changes within your body much sooner. 

Capsaicin, found in peppers, is similar to raspberry ketones since they both increase the metabolism. If you don’t mind raspberry burps, this is a simple remedy to try. Depending on your body type, you might even see results within days. 


Plants from the mint family are thought to aid in weight loss, which led people to try forskolin.

Forskolin can help you reach fitness goals by increasing muscle mass and reducing body fat. It’s not common to see major fluctuations in weight, but it can help make you have a more lean appearance. More research must be conducted on this supplement but it comes with few side effects and discomfort. 

African Mango

If you’re looking for a sweet treat but don’t want to gain weight, you should eat African mangos! 

African mangos can reduce levels of fat within the body and there aren’t any safety concerns if you follow the correct dosage. Research is showing that the African mango can help you get into smaller pants with a shorter waistline. This is an easy supplement to add to your diet since it can get added to smoothies, oatmeal, and more. 

Not only does African mango help with fat loss, but it can improve cholesterol levels and prevent obesity. This is a common ingredient found in diet pills since it’s typically safe and effective. 


Drinking a cup of coffee each day can help more than just your energy levels.

Caffeine is often used for weight loss since it speeds up the metabolism and burns fat more efficiently. If you start feeling jittery or sick, you should cut back on caffeine intake but it’s generally safe for adults. 

Your body temperature rises, which helps burn calories, when you drink caffeine or take supplements. Make sure you avoid ordering sugary drinks at the coffee shop, however, since this can increase total body fat. It’s also critical to drink a lot of water since caffeine can be a diuretic. 


When people think of calcium, they often associate it with strong bones and health.

Calcium can help you lose weight by burning calories and fat. This nutrient can boost your metabolism and make your organs work more efficiently. When you aren’t getting enough calcium, it prevents your body from properly functioning, which can increase fat. 

Although calcium is found in ice cream and cheese, you’ll need to make smart choices at the store. Calcium-rich foods like winter squash, almonds, and tofu are recommended. 


Depending on your conditions, probiotics may improve weight and reduce your waist circumference. 

Probiotics are great for helping your gut microbiome, but they can also increase your metabolism. When your gut is healthy, it can properly dispose of waste and fat that are accumulating. Your body can process foods more efficiently when you take probiotics or regulalry eat yogurt. 

Most people notice results since probiotics can reduce bloating and decrease water weight. You’ll know it’s working if your sleep and stomach pain start improving too. 


Vegans and vegetarians have a wonderful option for weight loss that won’t interrupt their lifestyle.

PhenQ is a weight loss pill that helps people lose weight and reduce cravings. There are a variety of ingredients that stop fat from building and keep you energized through workout routines. All of the ingredients within this product are natural and can be taken twice a day. 

This is a great supplement to try if you are getting close to your goal weight, but aren’t seeing enough improvements. Even though this supplement will suppress your appetite, you don’t have to stress about getting moody. 


If you’re a woman, looking for weight loss solutions, the Leanbean company has you covered. 

Leanbean supplements are directed toward women and many are seeing positive results. This is another vegan option, and it’s also great for people with gluten allergies! Not only will you get a boost of energy when you try this supplement, but your cravings will subside and your metabolism will work on overdrive. 

Unlike other weight loss supplements, Leanbean can improve mental clarity. A common complaint when using other weight loss pills is that they can make you feel foggy and spaced out.

Instant Knockout

For instant results, you need a powerful supplement that will improve your digestive system and increase weight loss. 

Instant Knockout supplements are manufactured with the most innovative ingredients. This supplement is often used for heavy gym-goers and serious athletes. You can prevent cravings from pulling you off track since your appetite will be suppressed when your take your dose. 

It’s recommended that you take 1 pill at a time, 4 times a day for significant results. If you’ve never tried supplements before, you should start slow to give your body time to adjust to the ingredients. Fortunately, all of the ingredients are natural and typically safe for consumption. 

Don’t Miss Out on the Best Weight Loss Supplements

Whether you have a slow metabolism or need a boost of energy, supplements can get you where you need. 

The best weight loss supplements, mentioned above, have proven to be effective. Since each person has unique goals, you may have to try several before finding the perfect solution. Each time you try a new supplement, monitor your reactions and seek advice from a medical professional if needed. 

With looser regulations are guidelines, you must discover what supplements are a scam and which ones live up to their marketing. 

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