Tesla’s Cyber truck just got an Elon CONFIRMED Upgrade.

on this last week, cyber truck upgrades and now the cyber truck dose appears to have mirrors now of course mirrors have been a topic of conversation for the cyber truck for a very long time right basically since the cyber truck was first unveiled people have been wondering will it have side mirrors will it nit know we were looking at the possibility of cameras uh simply being used to replace those mirrors and then not having to really worry about it but now it does appear as though the cyber track will feature side mirrors and honestly guys i want to talk about this.

Tesla’s Cybertruck just got an Elon CONFIRMED Upgrade: This is INSANELY COOL!

Okay because I know it’s relatively divisive I know some people don’t want mirrors at all some people do want to have normal mirrors and I will say honestly I am not really that particular one way or another I will say honestly speaking now that were seeing the cyber truck unveiled with mirrors because it was actually spotted testing I’m actually at an airport the castle airport in California it was spotted by drive tesla okay um were seeing that now it dose have relatively large almost forboding looking mirrors they do appear to actually be black okay and they match the cyber truck very well actually honestly I think they add a degree of balance to cyber truck okay becauce esentially the cyber truck is a very long vehicle its a relatively tall vehicle and it is very wide as well i do think that really worth noting but the mirrors here add an element of width you know that i think again is actually very nice for the truck they help it look even more robust and honestly im a big fan of that you know i think i think some people are looking at the mirrors and i still cant talk exactly correctly its very early on i think some people are looking at the mirrors and thinking hey you know when it comes down to it idont want to see mirrors I like the design without mirrors I like the aerodynamics i like not having to worry about them and that is very understanding I definitely get that for offroading you know it’s one less item to worry about snagging on branches on maybe even vine okay depending where you’re actually off-roading um you know vegetation is a fairly common concern I understand that right you want stuff to simply roll off the top of the vehicle you don’t want to about it but the mirrors are large they’ robust and they fit very nicely and I think honestly for a lot of people who might want to move from a smaller vehicle up to a cyber truck okay I think there are going to be a lot of people that want to try this cyber truck out or really you know own it long term I think having the larger mirrors to increase visibility to give extra visibility for the sides for the vehicle the rear of the vehicle I think it honestly is a good idea and we know the cyber truck is already going to be covered in mirrors okay not mirrors actually cameras again its early I apologize its gonna be covered in cameras we know they are were looking at a couple for the back one for the front a couple for the sides it is absolutely a vehicle that is centered around and obsessed with visibility and why does not have additional and right there alongside that, you can actually know really connect with because I feel like a lot of people are more used to using mirrors than they are cameras

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Now I do want to eventually see and I absolutely want to make this clear I want to eventually see cars I do want to see cars that eventually don’t need to have conventional side mirrors that are some things I do really want to see.