After a nearly 13-hour standoff with law enforcement, a suspected gunman has been arrested and the hostages are safe. Multiple law enforcement agencies responded to the scene, including the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. The suspect, who was killed during the rescue, had cut off communication with officers. The agents used chemical agents to convince him to speak. During the process, the suspect was pronounced dead. The two victims, a boy and a girl, were unharmed.

Police have freed two other hostages, including the suspect who had been holding three women hostage. A TBI-identified sniper killed the suspected gunman Felix Tyler, who had been holding three women hostage in the Covington business. The suspect had exchanged fire with the officers before he was shot dead. The SWAT team was able to rescue Pamela Dean, a woman who had been held hostage for nearly 13 hours. She was taken to the hospital for treatment, but Tyler was declared dead on the spot.

A gunman reportedly killed the three hostages after a 14-hour standoff with police in Covington, Tennessee. The suspect, who had been identified by TBI, had been in custody for 13 hours before the shooting ended. After exchanging fire with police, the sniper fatally shot the suspect, who was holding a woman and a child at Dean’s Tax Service. The SWAT team rescued the woman and her child, and the SWAT officer is recovering from surgery.

After a nearly 13-hour standoff with law enforcement, the suspect has been found guilty of murdering the two hostages. The sniper had used chemical agents and other techniques to make him talk. The suspect had been holding the woman and the child hostage when police entered the building to free her. Deputies killed Tyler when he reached for his gun. A sniper shot Tyler after he exchanged fire with the SWAT team. The woman, Pamela Dean, was rescued after 12 hours of a hostage incarceration. He died at the scene.

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The suspect who was holding three hostages in a Covington business was killed by law enforcement officers after a nearly 13-hour standoff. The incident was a domestic disturbance and escalated quickly when the sniper began shooting. When officers arrived at the business, the woman and the child were able to escape and the suspect was eventually shot. He died after the exchange of fire between the two snipers.

The police and SWAT teams were able to free the hostages after a nearly 13-hour standoff with the suspect. The sniper’s killer had taken several hostages from the office and was responsible for killing two people, but the suspect was not caught. He was released after a 13-hour standoff with authorities. The police chief said they had been waiting for 30 minutes for the suspect to return. The woman and child had escaped and had opened the front door to leave the building after the standoff.

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