U.S.-born actor Steven Seagal, Who’s also a Russian citizen, Can’t run for Russian governmental office because he keeps his U.S. citizenship, according to a pro-Kremlin celebration that declared Seagal had formally united them Saturday.

Seagal, who’s the Russian Foreign Ministry’s special agent in control of American and Russian diplomatic ties, was awarded membership into a Merely Russia – Patriots – For Truth celebration where he made a speech Saturday talking penalties he’s arrested for damaging the environment.

“Without having the ability to detain folks, when we simply alright these, they are most likely earning more money of their creation of the things which are defiling the environment,” Seagal stated during his address, according to Reuters.

The celebration formerly told Russian news agency TASS who Seagal couldn’t run for the lower house of Russia’s parliament, the State Duma, as a result of his U.S. citizenship.

Seagal, who’s also a martial artist, was a Russian citizen because 2016 and is a fervent supporter of both Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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A Simply Russia – Patriots – For Truth About formed earlier this season following three individual parties merged into a single. .

Formerly, Seagal was a part of this For Truth celebration that united using A Just Russia along with the Patriots of Russia in late February, according to TASS. Seagal is place to operate on environmental issues from the newly established celebration.