Thus Far the firm has ran all test flights of its own next-generation Mars rocket system out of its growth centre on coast at the tiny Texas neighborhood of Boca Chica, a location Musk was campaigning to re-christen since Starbase, Texas

Last year a SpaceX subsidiary bought two former heavy water heaters, renamed them Phobos and Deimos following the moons of Mars, also started turning them into offshore launching pads. Musk’s expects Starship will carry people to Mars later this decade.

On Sunday, Musk tweeted an upgrade, announcing that”sea spaceport Deimos is under construction for launching next year.” The strategy is to make use of the overseas spaceports for launches to Mars, the moon and also super speedy point-to-point excursions on Earth.

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Eariler this season, Musk clarified that Starships will be hauled to the offshore launching pads by really flying . Thus far, we have just seen Starship prototypes flying roughly 6 miles (10 km ) into the skies and then coming down to get a gentle landing beside the launching pad.