Jasmine Hartin–the billionaire’s daughter-in-law charged with killing a cop in Belize–is being tossed back in a notorious prison after her bail was withdrawn under mysterious circumstances. Jasmine Hartin, the billionaire’s daughter in law charged with killing a Belize cop, is being held in a notorious prison. Her bail was withdrawn under strange circumstances.

Hartin was confronted by her partner about custody of their children. Hartin was also slapped in the face with new charges and subject to “Gestapo” tactics.

After Friday’s hearing, Dickie Bradley, her attorney, stated that she was “really shocked” by the events. “This is persecution, not prosecution.”

Hartin’s partner is the youngest son, an influential British power broker, with extensive Belizean business interests. Hartin was released on bail by the same judge that released Hartin earlier in the month.

As a result, she will be taken to Belize Central Prison, which is also known as the Hattieville Ramada and is so tough it was the focus of a documentary series on the world’s harshest lockups.She will then be taken to Belize Central Prison. This prison, also known as Hattieville Ramada, is so harsh it was the subject of a documentary series about the most extreme lockups in the world.

Hartin stated in an interview that she didn’t enjoy her short stay at the hotel.

She told the Daily reuters that I had arrived at the wrong place and said “This is not right. My lawyer doesn’t know I am here.” They said, “Sorry sweetie, but the phones were locked for the day. Now take your clothes off, we’re strip-searching.” It was terrible.”

Hartin, a Canadian national, was initially arrested in May after police found her bloodied on a deserted pier, with her friend, Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott, dead in the water of a gunshot wound.Hartin was originally arrested in May by police after they found her bleeding on a deserted beach pier with her friend Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott. They were both dead from gunshot wounds.

Prosecutors charged Hartin with manslaughter by negligence, even as Jemmott’s family demanded a murder rap and many Belizeans complained that she was getting off easy because her father-in-law is Lord Michael Ashcroft.

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Although the manslaughter charge rarely carries a heavy prison sentence, prosecutors pushed for her to be jailed until trial, labeling her a flight risk. Days later, Supreme Court Justice Herbert Lord released her on $30,000 bail with conditions that included good behavior.

Hartin then disappeared from sight but exploded back into view this week when her mother posted video of her apparently confronting partner Andrew Ashcroft, a local developer, about their 4-year-old twins.

“Why won’t you let me see the kids, Andrew? Why won’t you let me see the children?” Hartin is heard saying as Ashcroft scurries away on the video shot at the resort he owns and where she once worked.

Her lawyer said Hartin was checking in with police as required on Thursday when she was suddenly detained. She was then hit with two additional charges stemming from the incident on the pier: common assault and possession of a small amount of cocaine.