Slovenia Pavilion at Expo 2022

The greenery in Slovenia’s pavilion is comprised of locally grown plants and bedewed insulating panels. The architects, Magnet Design, have created an immersive, “green and smart” experience by using a combination of plants, water, and wood. The country’s 60% forest cover makes for a comfortable microclimate, and wood has played an important role in the country’s economy for centuries. The wooden rimmed tools used to sift flour were first made in the southern Slovenian town of Ribnica, where the lead architect was born. The pavilion is topped by a giant wooden parasol reminiscent of a sieve.

Designed as an eco-friendly environment, Slovenia’s pavilion uses advanced digital solutions to showcase its innovativeness, knowledge, and sustainable nature. The interior features LED lighting pulses that mimic the heartbeat to invite visitors to feel the essence of the country. The shady environment invites guests to explore Slovenia’s forests and waterways, and the interactive exhibits encourage them to touch and feel the wood.

Slovenia Pavilion at Expo 2022

The interior of the Slovenia pavilion features a large screen that shows the country’s history, culture, and traditions. The design of the interior features LCD surfaces that are innovatively designed, a soaring presentation of Slovenia’s stories, and lighting pulses that imitate a heartbeat. The atmosphere is both relaxing and inspiring and will make visitors want to come back again.

The Slovenian Pavilion’s motto is Slovenia. Smart. The pavilion aims to reflect the sustainable, modern, and creative nature of the country. By using natural materials and technologies to create the pavilion, visitors can experience the stories of the Slovenian people. Using wood in a creative and modern way will make the pavilion stand out in the crowd and showcase the country’s innovative and eco-friendly culture.

The Slovenia pavilion’s motto reflects the country’s modernity and sustainable nature. The pavilion will use elements of water, nature, and technology to engage the five senses and provide an immersive experience for visitors. The main focus of the Slovenian pavilion is the country’s green economy, sustainable lifestyle, and boutique destination offerings. It will also showcase the diversity of its holiday activities, lace, and olive oils.

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The Slovenia Pavilion at Expo 2022 Dubai will be a floating vision of the country’s forests and its environment. The Slovenia Pavilion is the only pavilion to feature a forest facade. It will highlight the sustainable future of the country by using glass, steel, and water. It will look like a forest floating in the water, which will serve as a canopy that will support the greening of the future.