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Edward Norton is a famous American actor, singer, and producer. He has won a number of awards and was nominated for a number of awards, including a Golden Globe Award. Recently, he was nominated for an Academy Award for his role as the Hulk in the movie “Avengers”. The film made him famous and earned him a second Oscar nomination. His on-screen appearances include “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “X-Men: The First Stage”, and “The Hangover” in the films “Wrecking Baloney” and” Dracula”. Other movies that he has been in include “Irene”, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, and “The Thing”.


Edward’s parents are actors. His father, Arthur Norton, played an important role in his childhood, which earned him the part of Mike Weiss in the television show “Welcome Back Kotter”. His mother, Ellen MacArthur, played the same character in the TV series. Both of them are very close to Edward and his son, Dashiell, is always teasing them about their father. Though their relationship is strained, Edward does consider his father his own son, calling him Dade.

Edward Norton

Edward is described as being very close to his mother. She appears to be his best friend in the world. They have a relationship similar to that of his father with regard to parenting. When his daughter Tiana decides to marry a man named Hook, Edward immediately flies to Louisiana to prevent her from doing so. Tiana has a beautiful daughter called Willow, who has become deeply attached to Edward.


Edward has a younger half-brother named Quill. Quill is described as being like a younger Edward, in both looks and attitude. After seeing Quill while at the circus, Edward decides to pursue his dream of becoming a circus clown and leaves his half-brother with him, hoping that Quill will follow him. However, when Quill runs away from home, Edward races to his family’s cabin to try and convince them to return, but his father instead tells him to go away.


In another episode, Edward and Quill get separating while walking in the woods. Edward finds a bear that is looking for his half-brother. The bear attacks Edward and he falls into a deep hole. The bear tries to attack Edward again, but this time his father shows up and saves him. Then Edward gets a letter from his half-brother stating that Quill is dead. Edward goes off to find Quill and makes it clear that he does not want his family harmed and that he is not going to leave his family alone.


In the third episode, Edward and his father are enjoying a quiet moment together when suddenly his father calls him on the phone and tells him that his mother has been bitten by a dog. Edward runs to get help from a doctor, but the man tells him that his mother is allergic to dogs. Edward then goes on to tell his father about the incident and how his mother is now seeing someone else. The father is confused as he does not know who she is seeing and ends up burning her bridge.

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In the fourth episode, Edward and his father are out and his mother calling him on the phone. She explains that she had called a psychic on the phone and got the information that her son was being held prisoner somewhere. Edward then goes to pick up his father and they end up talking to some drug dealers. At this point in the series, we begin to see that Edward’s world view is really only limited to the world that his father sees. He goes to a construction site and meets up with another man who asks him if he knows where his father is.


After this meeting, Edward goes back to his dad’s cabin where his father shows him his grandmother’s body and informs him that his grandmother died due to an overdose of heroine. Edward then goes on to tell his father that he feels his father did not love him as much as he should have and his grandmother was his best friend. In the final episode, we see Edward making several visits to his grandmother’s grave. He tells his father that he forgives him for not loving his grandmother as much as he used to. His father then tells him that he will visit his grandmother’s grave every single day until such time as he is no longer able to remember her.

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