Shaquem Griffin Linebacker retires from NFL to work for league

Shaquem Griffin has a unique background. He was born with a birth defect that left him with only one hand. He was the first player drafted with one hand. He was able to use the other hand to hold objects and play football. As a result, he earned “icon” status in the university community. Despite his physical challenges, Griffin has continued to make a positive impact on the world.

Shaquem Griffin was born with a birth defect that deformed his left hand

Griffin was born with a rare birth defect that deformed his left hand, preventing him from developing all his fingers. The underdeveloped hand caused him pain and eventually was amputated at age four. Because of his condition, Griffin has become an inspiration to many. He is a star on the field and on the track. He also earned All-America honors at the University of Central Florida. After graduating from UCF, Griffin was drafted by the Seahawks in the fifth round of the NFL Draft. He spent his first three years playing alongside his brother, Shaquill Griffin.

Griffin was born with amniotic band syndrome, a congenital birth defect that resulted in a non-functioning left hand. He considered having his hand amputated himself at a young age. Griffin’s mother recalled an emotional night with her son when they discussed the possibility of having Shaquem’s hand amputated.

During the pregnancy, small strands of tissue in Shaquem’s fingers became constricted, causing him pain. He was diagnosed with amniotic band syndrome at age four. While he was in pain, Shaquem didn’t let this setback prevent him from living a fulfilling life. He eventually received a scholarship to the University of Central Florida. By the age of six, Shaquem was able to play flag football and play Little League football.

Shaquem Griffin’s college career was phenomenal. He broke records in the 40-yard dash. Shaquill even lobbied Seattle Seahawks coaches to invite Shaquem to participate in the NFL Combine. While many coaches were wary of hiring Shaquem due to his hand, he eventually got his chance to make his dream come true.

He was the only player to be drafted with just one hand

Shaquem Griffin, a linebacker from the University of Central Florida, is the first player in NFL history to be drafted with only one hand. Griffin was born with amniotic band syndrome, which causes one hand to be underdeveloped and not develop normally. Despite this, he managed to play football throughout his childhood and college career.

The Seahawks selected Shaquem Griffin in the fifth round of the 2018 NFL draft and signed him for one season. He was reunited with his twin brother, Shaquill, and played alongside him for the Seahawks. He later joined the Miami Dolphins on a one-year contract for 2021. He was released from the team before the start of the season, but later returned to their practice squad and a few weeks later was waived. He has now decided to dedicate his life to philanthropy and charity work.

Shaquem Griffin has a unique talent and has excelled on the football field despite his lack of a left hand. He was chosen by the Seattle Seahawks with the 141st overall pick in the draft. While playing at Central Florida, he recorded 164 tackles and 11.5 sacks in 46 games. His father, Shaquill Griffin, rushed to the Seattle Seahawks’ scouting combine to tell him the good news. After the pick, Shaquem and his father were able to return to AT&T Stadium to watch Shaquem’s scouts.

Shaquem Griffin was the first player in the NFL draft with just one hand. He is 29 pounds heavier than Shaquill, but Shaquem has flourished as a football player with one hand.

He will work with future and former players

Shaquem Griffin will be part of the NFL’s Legends Community, which is a group of retired players who mentor current and future players. He was invited to participate after being approached by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The program aims to help former players and current players get the guidance they need to succeed.

Griffin hasn’t played in the NFL for nearly three years but became a national celebrity during his collegiate career. He led the UCF Knights to a 2017 undefeated season. Shaquem’s story has been inspiring to many because he was born without a hand. His left hand was amputated as a child. Griffin played in 46 games for the Seahawks, recording 25 tackles and one sack in his career.

Besides working with future and former NFL players, Shaquem will also mentor current players. His goal is to make the game more inclusive and diverse. He will be a valuable resource for the organization. The NFL’s Legends Community works to help former players transition into life after retirement by mentoring future players.

Griffin was born with a deformed left hand that caused him pain until he was four years old. His story inspired many and was the subject of a Citi campaign promoting disabled people. Griffin, who grew up in Florida, has gone places that would have been impossible with his physical condition. He has even met his twin brother, Shaquille, who is a defensive back for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

After his NFL debut, Shaquem Griffin is ready to take a different route. He’s working to build a legacy that will be cherished by future and former players. The NFL has made a great decision by hiring Shaquem to help future NFL players.

He earned “icon” status at UCF

Shaquem Griffin had an illustrious college football career. He earned first team All-American Conference honors both seasons and was named AAC defensive player of the year in 2016. He led the Knights to an undefeated season, including the Peach Bowl, and was named the game’s MVP. Griffin was also selected for the U.S. Under-19 National Team. While he did not attend the NFL Combine, Griffin was nonetheless invited to the Senior Bowl, where top prospects are showcased.

Shaquem Griffin is a redshirt senior who earned second team All-American honors as a senior in 2017. He also won the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Defensive MVP award, capping off UCF’s undefeated season. The Knights then went on to win the AAC championship and defeat Auburn in a bowl game on New Year’s Day. In the end, Shaquem Griffin’s character was recognized and he earned “icon” status at UCF.

Griffin has a rare genetic condition, which caused him to lose his left hand. He was born with amniotic band syndrome, a condition that causes a child’s left hand to develop irregularly. But Griffin’s father encouraged him to compete anyway and didn’t let his physical handicap limit his potential. In high school, Shaquem and his twin brother, Shaquill, were named All-State players. Shaquem was recruited to play football at UCF under then-head coach George O’Leary.

Shaquem Griffin is a former safety who spent his first two years of college football on the scout team. During his redshirt sophomore season in 2015, he played mostly on special teams. He has a hand missing, but despite his deformity, he proved to be one of the most dominant tacklers at UCF. He was featured on ESPN GameDay earlier this season and was overcome with emotion when he received the honor.

He retired from the NFL to work with the NFL Legends Community

Shaquem Griffin is a former NFL defensive lineman. He played for the Miami Dolphins from 2018 to 2021 before retiring from the league to focus on the NFL Legends Community. During his playing career, Griffin won two Super Bowl championships and earned an All-AAC honor. His collegiate record was 195 tackles, 18.5 sacks, 16 pass deflections, and five fumble recoveries. Griffin has written a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announcing his retirement and joining the NFL Legends Community.

After a stellar college career at UCF, Shaquem Griffin decided to retire from the NFL. He subsequently joined the NFL Legends Community and mentors current and former players as well as underprivileged communities. This is a great way to give back and continue his legacy.

After his retirement from the NFL, Shaquem Griffin has decided to focus on his Plan A, which is making a positive impact on the world. Griffin was the first player with a one-handed digit to be drafted into the NFL. He played with his twin brother, Shaquill, and spent three seasons with the Seahawks. In his last season, he was released by the Dolphins and sat out the season.

Griffin’s announcement was welcomed by the NFL community. The NFL Legends Community is an official program that connects retired players with teams and the league. The community has been around for a few years and has made it possible for dozens of former players to connect with their former teams and colleagues.

In addition to working with the NFL Legends Community, Shaquem will also continue to mentor current players. The NFL Legends Community is a group comprised of retired players and current players who have a passion for giving back.