Several Die in Clashes at Guatemala Colombia Football Matches


Several die in clashes at Guatemala Colombia football matches

Armed clashes have claimed the lives of several people in a football match between the two countries. At least four people were killed in Guatemala and one person was injured in Colombia. The violence forced the game to be canceled and a number of people have been left injured. The gangs Barrio 18 and Mara Salvatrucha have strongholds in both countries. A Colombian soccer match is under suspension because of the violence, which forced the match to be suspended.

The violence erupted at a soccer match in Santa Marta on Saturday. Union Magdalena supporters attacked Junior de Barranquilla fans after 73 minutes on the field. Supporters threw objects and hurled bottles. An announcer at the match warned fans not to tear the seats out of the frames. One person died and two others were injured. Investigators are investigating what caused the violence.

The conflict started with Honduran soccer fans, who feared that the El Salvador team would win and provoke rioting. The Honduran fans, however, did not believe this and instead believed that El Salvador would win. They rioted and injured several people. Some suspected the violence was sparked by a mismatch in the team’s first game. El Salvador won the match despite the clash, but the Honduran team argued that the match was only about the teams’ football skills.

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Despite the violence and death, the conflict was still an important event for both countries. The president of Guatemala and Honduras, who were rivals in the 1980 World Cup, were trying to keep peace between their rivals. The ensuing border dispute led to hostility between fans of both nations. The riots also killed two Honduran football players, and some people were arrested.