Senate Democrats are poised to pass, by a party-line vote a budget resolution that establishes President Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion economic agenda.

The blueprint could be implemented as soon as September. It would include text that implements a wide array of new education and health programs, as well as tax cuts for the middle and corporate tax hikes for the wealthy.

Democrats will use a Senate procedure to bypass Republicans. However, it will require unity from their 50-member caucus in order to prevail in an evenly divided chamber.

Tuesday’s vote on the resolution will be subject to a marathon round, or vote-arama, of amendments. This process is expected to last into the early hours of the morning. The majority of the amendments are political messaging, forcing senators take politically charged votes. They are unlikely to be passed.

The Senate began deliberations on the Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion budget resolution and then began voting on some of hundreds of amendments proposed by Republicans.

Senator Budget Chairman Bernie Sanders stated that the expansions in health care, education, and climate will transform the American economy. He also said that the Americans can believe that a government that works is possible for everyone and not just a few.

The top Republican on the Budget Committee Lindsey Graham stated that Democrats are pursuing an irresponsible tax-and-spend plan that will undermine the economy.

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In the hours ahead, senators will vote on numerous amendments. This could take up to the entire night. Although hundreds of amendments have been proposed by Republicans to limit the Democrats’ ability to raise taxes and change immigration laws, only a small fraction will be voted on, and few of them are likely to pass.

One of the amendments that will be voted on is a measure to stop tax increases for wealthy farmers and small-business owners, and another provision that would prohibit the expansion of the state and local tax deduction, or SALT. — Laura Davison