Sean Connery: An Icon

Sean Connery is without a doubt one of the greatest actors of all time. He is an incredible film star and has played some of the best characters in Hollywood. When he was younger, he was a very popular kid with musical talents that attracted both his parents and other people in his life. He was the center of attention at school as well as performing well in many talent shows. All of this is what helped to form the actor that we know today.

Sean Connery


After leaving school to study acting, he did what many other young hopefuls did. He tried out for the cast of “Welcome Back Kotter” which sent him back home to California to start his Broadway career. This led to the likes of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “ER.” Then “Mascaramia,” a western-themed film that starred Clint Eastwood also followed. These were not the only films that blossomed from his theater experience however, and eventually he went on to star in some of Hollywood’s biggest films of all time including “Jurassic Park” and “E.T. .”


Sean Connery’s name will always be linked with one of the most iconic films of all time, “xual Comedy.” This is an interesting film no doubt, as it was groundbreaking in terms of its content, but also because of the incredibly talented leading man. Sean Connery plays a character called John Cleese, and this is a man that women simply adore. The chemistry between the two of them makes this movie a classic.


Sean Connery’s other main film roles are usually those that have to do with either the military or the police force. He is known to have played the role of a number of great men, such as Russian mobsters in “Cannonball” and “Million Dollar Baby.” In addition to these he has also played a number of anti-heroes, including a major character in “Sense Of Men.” This is a role that many people consider to be one of his best ever, as it tackles the subject of gender divisions and the problems that face so many today.


One other film that Sean Connery has had a role in is “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” This is a film that many people consider to be one of his better films, as it tells the story of a man’s dreams and the things that he dreams about. It is a fantastic film and also had one of the best performances of his career. Sean Connery again proves his greatness in this film as he plays the role of a legendary character. It is worth noting that in many reviews the performances of Sean Connery have been voted as being among his best ever, simply due to the excellent quality of his performance.

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Sean Connery’s films certainly continue to age well, as anyone who has seen “MR. Right” will know. This was one of his last films before his association with the Harry Potter series, and also his last role before his marriage to actress, Albie Baker. Although it was a somewhat bad movie, it is still worth seeing if only for the wonderful Connery performances. Other than those two films, there are not many that he has not performed in.


Sean Connery’s other films that will go down in history include “The Man Who Played With Magicians,” “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street,” “Trainspotting,” “Mister Roger And The Little Drummer Boy,” “Lucky Number Slevin And The Sea Of Machines,” “A clockwork orange,” “Hearts On Parade,” and “Bourne.” All of which have been ranked among his best ever films. It is safe to say that Sean Connery is one of the best leading actors of all time. A part of what makes his performances so great is that he always manages to make viewers want more.


Overall, Sean Connery has played a pivotal role in the genre of films that he has played. He has played such diverse roles as spy, pirate, and even a villain, and no matter which role he is playing, whether good or evil, he is always an outstanding actor. His many roles in the movies have made him a true Hollywood success. The only thing that would be able to top Sean Connery’s accomplishments would be his own Bond film.

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