The Tomahawk chop was gone 20 years ago. Now, the Tomahawk Mascot at Marysville Pilchuck High School has also been retired.

Marysville School Board voted to eliminate Native American mascots from the high school and Totem Middle School. Thunderbirds are now at Totem Middle School.

The Everett Herald reports that leaders of the Tulalip Tribe requested the changes under a law passed by the state Legislature this year. It will take effect next month.

The Everett Herald obtained the district memo. It states that the Tribes want to remove “potentially racistally derogatory, discriminatory school names, mascots or logos in public schools that are contrary to the schools’ or school district’s mission to provide an equal education for all.”

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Schools must eliminate mascots by December 31. Students and the community will participate in choosing new mascots.