Save Up to $15 on the Water-Resistant SteelSeries Apex 3 Gaming Keyboard

If you’re looking to save on the steelSeries Apex 3 gaming keyboard, check out this deal! Save up to $15 off the retail price with this coupon! You can find this keyboard in black or red, with a discount of up to 15%. Find out which type of mechanical switches it has and whether it’s better for typing on a PC or Mac.

SteelSeries Apex 3 gaming keyboard

The SteelSeries Apex 3 gaming keyboard comes with full-featured RGB effects, reactive illumination, and premium performance. The low-friction switches allow for nearly silent use, and the Apex 3 is durable and long-lasting, with a 20-million-key-press lifespan. It also features full palm support and a durable soft-touch finish. It’s the perfect choice for gamers who enjoy the best in ergonomic keyboard design and gaming experience.

While keyboards don’t make a huge difference in performance, they can make playing games more comfortable. If you’re into live streaming or recording your gaming sessions, a quiet keyboard will help you focus on the game instead of the background noise. It’s also ideal for recording gaming sessions because of its whisper-quiet keys. No one likes to hear keystroke noises while playing, and a gaming keyboard without these features can ruin your live-streaming or recording sessions.

Mechanical switches

For those of you who want a full-sized, mechanical keyboard without spending a ton of money, the SteelSeries Apex 3 is a great option. This keyboard comes with a fully customizable set of mechanical switches and a colorful LED display for volume and system alerts. In addition to its mechanical switches, the SteelSeries Apex 3 has an integrated mouse pad, as well as software for customizing the keyboard.

The main downside of the SteelSeries Apex 3 is the non-detachable power cable. While the keyboards do come with different cable routing options, the power cord is thick and hard to manage. A detachable USB-C cable would have been ideal. Another con of the SteelSeries Apex 3 gaming keyboard is the keycaps. They’re made of ABS plastic, which can become sticky and develop a greasy shine over time. Instead of plastic keycaps, SteelSeries should use PBT switches.

TenKeyLess form factor

The TenKeyLess form factor on Steelseries Apex 3 gaming keyboard is a welcome addition to this mechanical gaming keyboard. This new model boasts IP32 water and dust resistance, customizable RGB backlighting, and a sleek design. TenKeyLess keyboards are compact and often feel more comfortable than full-sized keyboards. The Apex 3 TKL is a solid choice for casual gamers.

This full-featured, TKL keyboard from SteelSeries boasts a compact esports form factor, whisper-quiet gaming switches, and brilliant PrismSync RGB lighting. Its IP32 dust and water-resistant rating makes it an ideal choice for gamers who like to spend a lot of time playing games in the rain or at the gym. It also has dedicated media keys and an IP32 water and dust-resistant design for protection against spills. Its streamlined design makes it easier to position for optimal in-game performance.


While budget gaming keyboards are available, they’re usually iffy. The budget option must walk a tightrope between affordability and quality, so you’ll typically sacrifice one for the other. The Apex 3 manages to strike a balance between affordability and quality. Let’s look at the key features and price point of this keyboard. It’s well-built and features a premium magnetic wrist rest. It also has dedicated media controls and gaming-grade anti-ghosting.

The Apex 3 has RGB lighting, media controls, and water-resistance. The keyboard is also available in six languages. Its mechanical switches are more than adequate. However, the keyboard lacks other features, including an integrated USB hub. The Apex 3’s design is reminiscent of a mechanical gaming keyboard. It also offers many software features and customization options. But its price tag might be a little high for what it offers.