According to reports, Sam Smith is recording a new album. His new project is titled Love Goes and is set to be released on 30 October 2020. Originally, the album was set to be called To Die For, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The name change reportedly prompted the singer to rethink the album’s name. The release date has yet to be decided.

After releasing a live album earlier this year, the star has been teasing fans with glimpses of his studio sessions. The location of the studio has not yet been disclosed, but the star has been spotted at a Suffolk bar named A Listers. It’s unknown where the sessions are taking place, but the singer’s rumored studio is close to his home. The singer’s latest album is set to be released in 2020.

While the wait for the album has been long, Smith has released a new song that is sure to be a hit. “Diamonds” is a fun song about love, and Sam performed it with wider instruments and backing singers. In addition to singing, the star danced throughout the performance, showing that he is eager to release a new album. Regardless of the genre of the album, he will surely make it to the top of the charts.

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Earlier this year, Sam Smith entered new territory by releasing a dance-oriented song. The track “Dancing With a Stranger” is a huge EDM hit, which became the basis of his pop stardom. It’s an anthem for the dance floor and is the first single from the upcoming album. The release of the album was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the delay allowed Smith to make some changes and the final album includes 17 original songs. Other notable features include Burna Boy and Labrinth.

The new album will be a big step for the singer. The new music will be his biggest release to date, and it’s likely to be a major hit for him. The track will also be featured on the upcoming live album. This will be his first album since he released his debut live album at Abbey Studios in March. Afterwards, he’ll release a full-length album.

The singer has released a new song called “To Die For” on Apple Music and is already available for streaming on Apple Music. Fans will also find a CD of the song on Amazon. Despite the delay, fans are still eager to hear the track and the album’s other tracks. He’s been teased with teasers in recent weeks, but hasn’t revealed the exact location of the recording studio.

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