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Return of the Disaster-Class Hero is a manga series that focuses on the adventures of an adolescent boy. It is currently updated on Komik Lab. For more information, please refer to the Manga List menu. You can also find updated chapters by searching the title of the manga in the title bar.

Manga summary

The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero manga is a unique concept that combines massive amounts of lore and history. Its detailed world stories and lore are woven throughout the story and make it more enjoyable than a generic RPG story. In addition, the story is well-written, with special scenes that showcase the lore and history of the world.

The heroes launch an all-out attack on Tomura’s mountain base in late March. They are accompanied by most of the hero school students, who are now tasked with the evacuation of the nation. Despite the harrowing events, the heroes are able to restore Kota’s faith in heroes.

At the same time, Izuku is nearly killed by an All For One assassin. However, Bakugo saves him from dying and alerts the rest of Class 1-A. However, after Izuku is rescued, he becomes exhausted and collapses. When he returns to the U.A., an angry mob attacks him, but Uraraka’s eagle-eyed presence convinces them to back off and allow Izuku to go home safely.

After the sports festival, the students of Class 1-A begin internships with various hero agencies. Izuku, who was assigned to an agency in Hosu City, begins his internship under All Might’s mentor Gran Torino. In this internship, he learns how to channel One For All safely. Meanwhile, Shigaraki has released three more Nomus in Hosu City. After they get to know about this, Izuku runs to find Iida. After he finds her, he sends a text to Todoroki, which tells him that he must defeat Shigaraki and save the city.

At the end of the chapter, Bakugo finds himself in a dangerous situation. He is captured by the League of Villains, which is strategically designed to draw out heroes and destroy them. All Might hesitates to investigate the location of Bakugo, despite the fact that he is concerned for his well-being. As a result, Izuku devises a plan to escape with the hero.


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