Renee Stewart mourns loss of her Pet

Sir Rod Stewart’s daughter Renee is mourning the loss of her puppy Jagger.

The 28-year-old celebrity – who’s the girl of this’I Don’t Want to discuss It’ hitmaker and his second wife Rachel Hunter – has paid tribute to her rescue pooch, who she’s had for 13 decades.

As mentioned in the Daily Mail newspaper’s Sebastian Shakespeare column, Renee composed :”This really is among the most difficult things that I have had to undergo. The despair and loss I am feeling is indescribable. However, you’re no longer in pain and you passed peacefully in my arms”

Meanwhile, Renee formerly opened about being Rod’s daughter.

Talking of her , she explained:”It is not cool to discuss your own parents. When I had been at college in LA, when folks asked me exactly what my father did I would say,’Oh he is in amusement ‘

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“No disrespect to him, but you wish to create your own life. You wish to be your own person. Off trading it could really screw up you and it sort of makes people cringe.”

And Renee commended her daddy’s longstanding career in audio but believes it would be far harder today for comparable individuals to succeed due to social networking.

She added:”Oh, Dad lived through an wonderful time . He’s worked hard. And obviously at any stage you start your mouth and wonder whether a soulful rasping voice will emerge. My sister Ruby was blessed. She’s the voice and can be in a group [that the Sisterhood], however I do not have it.

“With regards to a music career, I really think it may be more difficult to make it into music nowadays. I really don’t believe another Rolling Stones or even Naomi Campbell would stand a chance of earning it today since there are literally millions of people on social websites launch careers.”