Reggie Miller Net Worth

You’re probably wondering how much Reggie Miller is worth. This article will provide a quick overview of his net worth, as well as information about His life and career. We’ll also cover his family and home. And we’ll discuss the house that he owns, which he bought for $5.3 million from an ex-Yankee.

Reggie Miller’s net worth

Reggie Miller’s net worth is unknown at the moment. He is an American basketball player who plays for the Indiana Pacers. He was born on 24 August 1965. He is six feet and eight inches tall and weighs around 88 kilograms. His hair and eye color are black. As a child, he was afflicted with hip deformities. He wore braces throughout his childhood but remained active, joining his siblings for playtime in the backyard. In 1987, Miller was drafted into the NBA. He was drafted to play for the Indiana Pacers.

Miller was married to Marita Stavrou for eight years. They had two children. The couple later separated and Reggie Miller got divorced. He has been in several relationships since then. His second marriage ended in 2001, and he has since found love with Laura Laskowski. They have two daughters together: Lennox and Ryker. His youngest daughter is due to be born in 2021.

Reggie Miller was born in Riverside, California. His parents were Saul and Carrie Miller. His father was a performer and worked in the music industry. As a child, Reggie Miller had to wear braces on his legs. He went to Riverside Polytechnic High School and UCLA. While attending UCLA, he earned a History degree.

The NBA has been a lucrative career for Reggie Miller. He has also made some money by doing voice work in Disney’s “Hercules” series and the upcoming “Uncle Drew” movie. He is also an owner of a luxurious home in the Hollywood Hills. The home was built in 1995 and features six bedrooms. It has lush lawns and a swimming pool.

Reggie Miller was born in Riverside, California, on August 24, 1965. He suffered from several deformities as a child and spent many years wearing braces on his legs. His leg deformities eventually corrected themselves, but he was not able to walk properly until his teens. His father, Saul Miller, served in the United States military and his siblings have also become famous figures.

Reggie Miller’s home is also worth millions of dollars. He recently listed a 15,000 square foot home for $7.5 million on the real estate market, but did not find a buyer. He also bought a $5.3 million home in Malibu, California, in 2001. This home has landscaped gardens, a swimming pool, and a separate guesthouse.

His career

Reggie Miller has an estimated net worth of $80 million. His career has been very successful and he has earned a lot of money. His personal life is a bit less flashy. He was married to actress Marita Stavrou for six years. The couple had two children together but later separated. Reggie Miller has been dating several women. He dated Jaimyss Haft, Natana Boudreau and Laura Laskowski.

After retiring from playing basketball, Reggie Miller branched out into a number of different endeavors. He has produced television series 30 for 30 and Beautiful Ohio. Both of these projects generated a lot of revenue for Reggie Miller. He has also signed endorsement deals with several brands. His net worth is expected to increase to $85 million in the next few years.

His family is also quite successful. He is the son of a military officer and a housewife. His sister, Cheryl, plays basketball and is recognized as one of the best women’s players in the world. Their father is a retired military officer. Their family is very supportive of Reggie Miller’s career.

He has played for the Indiana Pacers for eighteen seasons and has earned over $ 105 million. He is one of only five players to spend his entire career with one franchise. His career earnings have allowed him to become one of the richest players in NBA history. His net worth has been accumulated from his NBA contracts and his salary as an analyst for TNT.

Aside from basketball, Reggie Miller is an avid cyclist. He first tried mountain biking during his NBA offseason in 2001 and has been competing in endurance races since 2010. In December of 2020, he will be appointed to the USA Cycling board of directors. He also collaborates with various brands that produce cycling gear. He has collaborated with Castelli Cycling on a few jerseys. His other collaborations include a charity cycling team named Team Boombaby.

Reggie Miller completed his high school education at Riverside Polytechnic High School in California. He then went to UCLA to earn a degree in history. While playing at UCLA, he was a leading scorer. In 1998, he was inducted into the UCLA Hall of Fame.

His family

Reggie Miller was born in 1965 in Riverside, California. He has a large personality and has an estimated height of six feet eight inches. His weight is around eighty kilograms, and he has a dark complexion. Unlike many famous athletes, Reggie has no visible facial hair. His shoe size is unknown. His body shape is also a mystery.

Reggie’s family consists of two siblings. His brother, Darrell, is a former catcher for the Los Angeles Angels. His sister, Cheryl, is a collegiate basketball player. They have two children together. Ryker was born in 2013 and Lennox was born in 2016. Their youngest daughter is expected to arrive in 2021.

While Miller’s personal life is somewhat under wraps, he has made a special effort to keep it private. He and his wife, Laura Laskowski, have been married for 17 years. The two have two children, Ryke (born on 4 September 2013) and Ryleigh (born on 25 May 2016). The couple live in Malibu, California, and are very proud of their two children.

Although Reggie Miller’s family is not well-known, his net worth is estimated to reach $85 million by 2021. As a former professional basketball player, Miller’s lavish lifestyle is reflected in his finances. Despite his low-profile, the Knicks are feared by the former NBA star.

Reggie Miller’s first marriage ended in a messy divorce. He has been dating various women over the years and has two children with Laura Laskowski. Their first marriage lasted eighteen years. In addition to two kids, Reggie Miller and Laura Laskowski are expecting a third child in 2021.

Reggie Miller’s family also includes his ex-wife Marita Stavrou. She gained fame after appearing on popular television shows in the 90s. The couple married in 1992 and she received a considerable portion of Miller’s net worth. Today, she runs a Miami-based lifestyle company.

In addition to being a basketball legend, Reggie Miller is also a TV personality. He is a sports talk show host. His talk show “Winning Time” aired on ESPN in March 2010. It was directed by Peabody Award-winner Dan Klores.

His house

Reggie Miller has a large home in Malibu, California. He listed it for $7.5 million in 2001, but it has since been taken off the market. The house has six bedrooms, maid’s quarters, and a swimming pool. The house has a Mediterranean style and features city views. The ceilings are between 10 and 12 feet, which make it ideal for practicing shots.

Reggie Miller has three children. His oldest is named Ryker, while the youngest is named Lennox. The family’s routine was very regimented, as the parents were both busy people. His ex-wife, Cheryl, brought home a report card with too many Cs. He was the Democratic candidate for the 31st state house district.

His house has six bedrooms, walnut parquet floors, and a 30-foot-high garden room. The property was recently valued at $2 million, making Miller the first Indiana Pacer to pay this much for a house. He signed a four-year contract worth $36 million with the team last year and holds nearly every Pacers shooting record. He is only the second player to be paid more than $30 million in a single season.

Reggie Miller’s net worth is estimated at more than $80 million. He has accumulated his wealth through his basketball career and his work as a sports commentator. He was born in 1965 and played in the NBA for eighteen years. In 2001, he was signed to a five-year contract worth over $42 million. This earned him a total of $105 million in salary over the course of his NBA career.