At the start of this year, Raf Simons left Dior after a six-year tenure. Yesterday, the Belgian designer announced he would retire from his fashion label. “Raf Simons has decided to retire,” the label said in a statement on Facebook. “The creative mastermind will be leaving his eponymous fashion label drawing office in Antwerp as well as his teacher’s position at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.”

What Is Raf Simons’ Influential Label?

Raf Simons Shutters His Influential Belgian Fashion Label


Simons, who is currently the chief creative officer at Calvin Klein, announced that he is shutting down his eponymous label, which he founded in 1995. The label was known for its avant-garde designs and collaborations with artists like Sterling Ruby. Simons’ departure from the fashion world comes as a surprise to many, but it’s clear that his influential label will be missed.

How to Lose a Job in Fashion: Raf Simons sums it up

In October of 2015, Raf Simons shocked the fashion world by announcing he was leaving his post as creative director at Dior. Just three years into his tenure, Simons’ departure was a major blow to the storied French fashion house.

But it turns out that Simons may have been equally as unimpressed with the fashion industry as a whole. In a new interview with System magazine, the Belgian designer opens up about his frustrations with the business and how it ultimately led to him shutter his own eponymous label.

“The job [of running a label] became very small in comparison to everything else that was asked of you,” Simons told System. “It became about so many other things—the marketing, the PR…There are too many voices nowadays.”

Simons goes on to say that the high pressure and personal toll of the job led him to make the decision to close his label after just six years in operation. “I just couldn’t do it anymore,” he said simply.

So there you have it: if you want to lose your job in fashion, just follow Raf Simons’ lead and speak your mind.

The End of an Era: Raf Simons Ends Creative Collaborations with Dior and Christian Dior Couture

As of late, it appears that the era of Raf Simons is coming to an end. The prolific fashion designer has announced that he is ending his creative collaborations with both Dior and Christian Dior Couture. This news comes as a surprise to many in the fashion community, as Simons has been a major force within the industry for over two decades.

Simons began his career in 1995, when he launched his eponymous label in Antwerp, Belgium. His avant-garde designs quickly caught the attention of the fashion world, and he soon became known for his unique take on menswear. In 2005, he debuted his first womenswear collection, which further solidified his status as a leading fashion voice.

In 2012, Simons was appointed as the Creative Director of Christian Dior Couture, making him the first Belgian designer to helm a French couture house. He served in this role for three years, during which time he made significant changes to the brand’s aesthetic. Most notably, he introduced a more youthful look to the storied label.

In 2015, Simons left Christian Dior Couture to focus on his own label once again. However, he continued to collaborate with Dior on ready-to-wear collections and accessories. This past October marked the end of that partnership, as Simons presented his final collection for the brand during Paris Fashion Week.

10 We’ll Miss from the Raf Simons era

1. His unique approach to fashion design: Raf Simons was known for his avant-garde and often experimental designs. He pushed the boundaries of fashion and challenged traditional norms. This made him a much sought-after designer, both by celebrities and everyday fashionistas.

2. His use of unusual materials: In addition to using traditional fabrics like cotton and wool, Raf Simons also incorporated unconventional materials into his designs such as PVC and metal. This helped him create unique looks that were often imitated but never quite duplicated.

3. His bold color choices: Whether it was a vibrant canary yellow or a deep emerald green, Raf Simons was not afraid to experiment with color. He often used bold hues to make a statement with his clothing.

4. His ability to mix high and low fashion: Raf Simons was known for his eclectic taste level. He could mix luxury brands with more affordable pieces and still create a stylish outfit. This made him relatable to many people who might not be able to afford designer clothes outright.

5. His unisex designs: One of Raf Simons’ most intriguing qualities was his genderless approach to fashion design. He created garments that could be worn by anyone, regardless of their sex or gender identity. This helped break down barriers in the fashion industry and allowed everyone to feel like they had a place in it.