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For the last several years, I’ve been trying to put an end to the questions about “where is Xur?” and “When does Xur come to?” In the hope that by the time the next official sequel to the bestselling Harry Potter series rolls around, readers will have at least one more question to ask and maybe even a new theory to ponder. If nothing else, I figured, I’d at least write something about the whole situation and see where the theory-building goes. And while I haven’t gotten any new theories on when does Xur come to, I have gotten some new questions answered.

This past summer, a very gifted young female student came to me in the hospital after having a terrible accident. She was screaming in pain, not from physical injury, but from brain surgery she had just undergone. And no, it wasn’t because of her spell (as she’d explained to me how she used it, although it seemed kind of dangerous). It was because of a nasty piece of masonry that had sliced through her skull and left a nasty gash there, literally, with no warning whatsoever.

In the months since her accident, the student had become more agitated. Like most of us, I have a sort of psychic mind. When I see people in the hospital, it’s like seeing a friend in the same frame of mind – the only difference is that the friend is dead. But when I saw this young lady in the rehabilitation center, it was like I was looking at someone who hadn’t really gone into the fog at all. She was still clearheaded and coherent. And after a few sessions of counseling and massage, she seemed like she was ready to go to the next level with her mental health.

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When I watched the young lady working with her physiotherapist, I couldn’t help staring. Just the image of this young woman, working through physical rehabilitation, reminded me of a young Jean Paul Gaultier. His series of concerts for Parkinson’s patients caught the world by storm. At the age when we expect the beloved Older Parent to have dementia and become a recluse, we are swept along by his charm and radiant energy. Watching him work with the patients and their caretakers reminded me of my mother, who has done the same as he has throughout his life.

Watching the young woman working with her therapist was like looking through a microscope to a small colony of burials on a very tiny planet called Earth. One would think they were on another planet, but they were in fact on our very blue star. And the same thing with the student and the physiotherapist. Where is xur destiny 1.0?

The young woman and her physiotherapist have both become beloved celebrities in their own right. Their story is inspiring to millions of viewers on all continents of the globe, reaching out to them and providing them with the hope that one day they too can have their lives changed through the science of our universe physics. It is a touching story, with hope for a better tomorrow, and it is a wonderful example of how one person’s faith in their fellow man can result in an amazing outcome. These two young people have become role models for many young people who want to know more about xurysics. They have inspired generations of students, and their discoveries have resulted in better treatments for Parkinson’s disease and other afflictions, with a lot of help from our physicists.

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It is a good thing that xur watchers have someone to look up to in this time of the scientific revolution. They serve as an inspiration for us as we learn more about the nature of the universe. Where is xur? The answer is in the history of the universe, and how it has evolved. They help students to understand the inner workings of the universe and how to use it for their benefit by improving our health and well being. The young woman and her physiotherapist are not alone in the field of xur physics.

Where is xur? The answers may surprise you. It is a thriving industry, and it offers many rewarding careers to those who have discovered its mysteries. Science is a growing industry around the world, and the study of our particles and xur physics is making progress in many fields. You can be part of that progress by looking up xur watchers.