Qoojpn Review - Is Qoojpn a Scam?

Unlike the other online marketplaces, Qoojpn does not offer a return policy. There are very few reviews of their products, and they do not have a lot of online market experience. This means that Qoojpn is very difficult to trust. While the company is available on several social sites, there aren’t any user reviews.


A lot of shoppers are getting cheated by fraudulent websites. One such example is the site known as Qoojpn.com, which is a website that promotes fake products. This website has poor Alexa rankings and just five customer reviews. This indicates that it is a scam. If you want to be safe online, you should know how to protect your credit card. You can read our guide, Know About Credit Card Fraud, for more information.

Does not provide refund service

Qoojpn is an interesting online shopping site that sells branded and sustainable products. It has a web portal and social media accounts. However, there is no return policy listed on the website. Its web page contains no information about the return or exchange policy or shipping fees. It is best to avoid this store until you are sure that it is legitimate.

Qoojpn does not provide a refund service or support user reviews. This website has no product reviews or ratings from customers, and it does not have a presence on Google Maps. Furthermore, it lacks important theme and policy pages. As a result, it is impossible to verify if the website is genuine or not.

Does not provide policy pages

The company QOOJPN, LLC, does not provide policy pages for its website. It does not have a physical address, but its website addresses show up on Google maps. Neither does it provide product ratings or user acknowledgment. This suggests that the company is a scam. Fortunately, there are other ways to protect yourself from plastic money scams.

While Qoojpn does have an official webpage, it doesn’t have a policy page to provide information about returns, refunds, or shipping. That means that if you need to exchange a product, you will have to contact the company and ask for a refund. This doesn’t give you much protection if you end up in the wrong product.

Is a fraud

While the web portal looks exciting, there are some problems with it. The site is not legitimate. It’s not a reliable source of information, and you should be very careful about buying products from this company. The website doesn’t give any information on how to return products or exchange them. It doesn’t even give its web address or web designer’s name.

Qoojpn also does not offer a return policy. In addition, it is not experienced in the online market. It also has very few buyers of its products, and that is a big red flag. Moreover, there are no reviews on social media about the site.

Another sign that Qoojpn is a scam is the poor Alexa ranking. There are only five reviews on the website, and it doesn’t support any product ratings or user acknowledgment. These things are red flags that indicate that the website is a fraud.

To spot a fake website, you should first check whether it has an official profile. Fraud sites usually hide their social media profiles and don’t provide links. They also offer heavy discounts. If you have to pay for the products, make sure to use a secure payment method such as PayPal.