Royal commentator Stewart Pearce told a podcast on Tuesday that Prince Harry is feeling very down after missing Prince Philips memorial service. He also criticized the Duke of Sussex for his decision to miss the memorial service, claiming he was’snubbed’ the Royal Household. It’s unclear whether the rumours about the prince’s health are true, but a spokesperson for Kensington Palace said that Harry will not attend the service because of “safety reasons.”

However, the Duke of Sussex’s reps say the Duchess of Sussex feels terribly bad about the decision to miss the service. She claimed that Prince Harry missed a special opportunity and he’s “feeling very down” over it. She also cited personal welfare concerns as the reason for the Duchess’ absence. She added: “The fact that Prince Andrew, Meghan Markle, and their children didn’t attend the service demonstrates that the Duke of Sussex has a lot to learn.”

Despite the royals’ best efforts, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry didn’t attend the memorial. Their royal relatives were upset about the snub, and the couple have been struggling to make it to the service safely. The couple’s representatives have explained that they’re unable to return home due to concerns for their personal welfare. Despite their efforts, the Duke of Cambridge’s snub is likely to cause more pain for both Meghan and Harry.

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Despite Prince Philips’ death on March 27, the Duke of Sussex and his wife Meghan Markle chose to attend the funeral without him. The royal couple’s absence from the Westminster Abbey memorial, along with his sister, Meghan, was widely condemned as a sign of disrespect. While it is not clear what exactly he did to be disrespectful, the absence has led to many fans to label him as a disloyal man. Regardless of how he feels, a royal source believes that the duchess felt very down after missing the service.

As a matter of fact, the Duke of Sussex’s absence from the royal memorial is a sham. The Duke of Sussex has been unable to leave his $14million mansion in Montecito, where he was due to attend the memorial. As a result, the duke of Sussex and Meghan’s reps are claiming that they can’t return to their home because of safety concerns.

There has been no sign of the royal couple attending the memorial on March 29. The Royals have been unable to attend the memorial for fear of hurting Lilibet, who is nine months old. The Duke of Sussex has been unable to attend the service after the funeral due to safety concerns. The Queen, Prince Charles and William will also be at the service. They are not the only ones to feel depressed about the memorial, but it seems that the absence of Prince Harry has left a huge rift between them.

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