BIDEN ABROAD: We disrupt infrastructure summer to bring you fourteen days of overseas policy-focused events.

This day, JENS STOLTENBERG, NATO’s secretary-general, will fall from the Oval Office. National security advisor JAKE SULLIVAN will brief colleagues at 12:30 pm now. On Sunday he will also meet with the queen and leave for Brussels, where he will attend the NATO Summit and the U.S.-EU Summit.

Following this flurry of meetings intended to shore up the western alliance, on June 16 Biden will be in Geneva for a one time with Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN, that’s the most contentious portion of the excursion.

The choice whether to fulfill Putin split top Biden foreign policy consultants and has attracted criticism from Republicans (yes, that is a small rich). The debate that won out one of Biden officials is that paying Putin a modicum of focus does not actually give away and may forestall difficulties down the line since Putin, in this opinion, is more inclined to work out from U.S. interests when he’s ignored by the American president. (Over dinner Sunday night Ryan explained this theory to his mother, who noted, “It sounds like the way you treat a spoiled child.”

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NAHAL TOOSI, POLITICO’s foreign affairs correspondent, emails: “President Biden will be among friends for most of this upcoming trip, and that’s by design. The idea is for him to consult with allies before meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Geneva, in a show of diplomatic force. We’re being told not to expect too many deliverables, and Biden, in a column over a week cast the trip as primarily a pep rally for democracies in the face of a rising China and an-impossible-to-ignore Russia.

“There will be visible relief from many of the countries gathered at the initial summits simply because it’s Biden and not DONALD TRUMP showing up. That alone is enough to put a spring in many U.S. allies’ steps. But I don’t think Putin will be particularly cowed by any of it. The Russian is an old hand at these things, too. One other thing to watch: Tensions are on the rise again in Israel, and, if there’s violence once more, it could cast a cloud over Biden’s trip.”