Passenger's iPhone Racks Up Miles Trapped in a Plane Seat

Unless you’re a serial airline traveler, you’ve probably wondered: “How can a passenger’s iPhone rack up the miles trapped in a plane seat?” This story explains how passengers have used their iPhones to rack up mileage. In fact, the iPhone used to make several international flights before being returned to its owner. In addition, it managed to rack up some “silver” miles with the airline.
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One Australian Frequent Flyer forum has a discussion thread about this phenomenon. One member, “Rugby,” was unable to find his iPhone in the first class lounge at Sydney’s Sydney airport. He asked Qantas for contact information and was told that he could only do that if he was in the Qantas VIP lounge. Fortunately, he was able to find his lost iPhone by using the Find My community. During the time that the iPhone was lost, it was tracking the plane’s journeys and racking up miles for his owner.