Parcours d’entraînement Ninja warrior – Everything to know

This is the time to improve your core strength, which is possible with the Parcours d’entraînement Ninja warrior. This is the training that helps you increase your fitness.

Ninja Warrior training is not appreciated by the majority of people all over the world because it is a very hard work out. It has been introduced to make it acceptable and easier for users. It is a training that is steeper and allows the user to take the step as climbing. It is much easier because it makes your exercise easy. The Ninja warrior workout helps reduce belly fat and is useful for weight loss. To burn 223 calories, you must have to do a 30-minute workout daily. It is highly beneficial in building muscle and strengthening your body after reducing fats.

Advantages of Ninja warrior workout

  • Low impact aerobic with a high lower body workout

 It is very important to exercise regularly for health and fitness, but it needs time and stamina. This device provides fitness support to your body by promoting it smoothly for Ninja warrior workoutA low-impact motion helps to avoid injury and pain in joints. It is a perfect cardio workout that provides strength to the body.

  1. Enhances stamina

Enhancing the stamina of the body strengthens the body and joints.

  1. Reduces fats in the lower body

It is the best workout for flushing down many fats from the body. It helps in reducing thighs and belly fats efficiently. Flushing down the extra fats from the legs helps to keep you in shape. Toning up the lower part of the body is an ideal choice. 

  1. Reduces the risk of heart diseases and improves the Immunity

It is highly beneficial in improving the body’s immune system by improving the metabolism and many other health issues. Offering strength to the heart to prevent it from attack and stroke is the major health benefit of this workout. It helps keep the internal organs’ covering fit and prevents pathogenic organs from being.

  1. Make your training routine.

You need to make your routine; the workout routine is not simple and easy. Fitness instructors say they aim to maintain their physiques for a long time to motivate the young generation. It helps them to take care of their health and body. You need to always focus on living out of the physical workout. As a professional fitness coach, he always helps others to attain perfect fitness. Instructors stress volume. High volume is vital to gaining muscles. Weightlifting is not a hard task, but it needs volume to give results. This is a good technique to improve the small muscles’ health.

  • Monday: Chest and Biceps
  • Tuesday: Back and Calves
  • Wednesday: five to six warm-up and stretches, squats, leg extensions, leg curl, donkey raise
  • Thursday: shoulder and triceps
  • Friday: Legs and abs
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Rest

How to go for Ninja warrior training?

The prime focus of the trainee must be heavyweight and high-volume. Enjoying his amazing physique took years of intense dieting and never missing gym training. His exercises include short rest periods, heavy weights, high volumes and super sets. He did very hard workouts for legs, shoulders and chest muscle gain. You need to struggle hard to attain stout and powerful muscles. His routine for workouts was very tough, but he did not miss a day.

  • Chest Workout
  • 155 kg, three reps
  • 150kg, five reps
  • 145kg, seven reps
  • 160kg, three reps
  • 150kg, 5reps
  • 140kg, seven reps
  • Pyramid training bench press
  • Super setting
  • Three sets of 8-12 reps 90 Kg, incline bench
  • Three sets of 8-12 reps 100 kg flat bench
  • Flys
  • Three sets of 8-12 reps 20 Kg Dumbell flys
  • Three sets of 8-12 reps 20 Kg Cable flys
  • Shoulder Workout
  • Three sets of 8-12 reps 46 Kg dumbbell shoulder press
  • Three sets of 8-12 reps 70 Kg Smith machine press
  • Three sets of 8-12 reps 60 Kg behind the neck shoulder press
  • Three sets of 8-12 reps 120 Kg incline shoulder press
  • Three sets of 8-12 reps 16 Kg bent over dumbbell rear
  • Three sets of 8-12 reps 38 Kg cable face pull
  • Leg Workout
  • Three sets of 8-12 reps seated hamstring curls
  • Three sets of 8-12 reps Incline machine leg press
  • Super setting
  • Three sets of 8-12 reps dumbbell deadlift
  • Three sets of 8-12 reps Barbell squat
  • Three sets of 8-12 reps Smith machine lunges

About the training

The Ninja Warrior training course provides great fitness facilities with supportive and enthusiastic workout facilities. It offers 100% modern techniques with innovative Gym facilities for a truly great workout. Everyone can have the chance to attain health and fitness. Modern equipment makes the workout convenient, affordable and simple for all clients. People of every age can get benefit from this upper body strength exercise. It targets the upper back. This exercise improves the core and stability of the lower back.

According to the users’ reviews, the incredible thing about it is that it is highly convenient to assemble. The frame is designed to make it more comfortable to use. It comes in ergonomic designs that make it lightweight and sleek.

Safety measures

 Always take care of these things while doing this 30-minute workout for weight loss. Following are the tips that help increase your weight loss output.


  • Drinking an abundance of water is beneficial
  • A Low-calorie diet is a perfect choice
  • Fruits and vegetables are effective for weight loss
  • Do not eat very much
  • Use citrus fruit to lower the cravings for food
  • Eat raw fruit instead of drinking juice
  • Take fresh diet
  • Eat food that is full of fiber


  • Do not eat sugary and high-calorie food
  • Do not skip meals
  • Avoid fried and junk food
  • Avoid eating fast food



This is the best course for fitness and gym workout. The majority of athletes and bodybuilders follow this training as they get the best results from it.