The majority of the state attorneys general from the U.S. have requested Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to finish the organization’s strategy to make an Instagram for children . Saying it could be”detrimental for myriad reasons.”

In a letter by the National Association of Attorneys General, dated Monday, the team urged Zuckerberg”to leave these programs. Usage of social networking can be injurious to the wellbeing and well-being of kids, who aren’t equipped to navigate the challenges of having a social networking account.”

Two months before, Zuckerberg supported plans for the Instagram for children have been in”very early phases,” through a Congressional hearing misinformation. Presently, the picture – and – video-sharing app with over 1 billion users does not allow children under 13 to use this system.

Concerns included the possible injuries to”the physical, psychological, and psychological well-being of kids,” they said, citing research about Instagram usage one of kids resulting in”suicidal ideation, depression and body image issues.”

The state AGs also referenced the design defect in Facebook’s Messenger Kids program in 2019 that led to children bypassing the limitations and linking with adults. Facebook has stated the mistake influenced group chats and has been discovered and solved.

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“Facebook has a list of failing to defend the security and privacy of children on its own stage, despite promises that its products have strict privacy controls,” their letter stated.

Facebook explained: “As every parent knows, children are already online. We would like to improve this situation by providing experiences that provide parents control and visibility over what their children do. We’re developing these encounters in consultation with specialists in child development, child security and psychological health, and privacy advocates. In addition, we anticipate working with legislators and authorities, including the nation’s attorneys general. Additionally, we commit now to not revealing ads in almost any Instagram encounter we grow for individuals under the age of 13.”