New PPnBM Discount, Raize-Avanza Prices Boost Next Month

Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) declared it increases the selling price of this Raize and Avanza beginning June 1, 2021. The cost increase is in accord with the comfort rules for your Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (PPnBM).

As is understood, the 100 percent PPnBM comfort or reduction will expire in June after being legal since March or for three weeks. Instead, automobiles with particular criteria, such as Raize, will likely be subject to a 50 percent PPnBM discount.

“Fixing to government regulations concerning PPnBM,” explained TAM advertising Director Anton Jimmi through text message.Anton hasn’t managed to decode how much the cost increase is going to be implemented. He explained the new cost could be announced in early June.

“We’re awaiting the amounts at the start of the month,” he explained.

Likewise, a Toyota Partners in Bekasi also stated the exact same thing. According to him, the purchase price of all Toyota automobiles which are included at the PPnBM discount group will experience a cost adjustment beginning next month.

From the information he provides, there’ll be a cost increase of approximately Rp. 8 million to all versions.

By way of instance, in May, the Toyota Raize G MT single tone version was sold for Rp. 219.9 million, also early June into Rp. 228.4 million. Subsequently the GR CVT TSS 2 Tone version from Rp.265.9 million to Rp.276.1 million.Avanza, which begins from Rp. 187.6 million – Rp. 216.5 million, but early next month it’ll rise to Rp. 191.65 million – Rp. 220.55 million. Subsequently Veloz out of Rp. 212.9 million – Rp. 235.3 million to Rp. 216.95 million – Rp. 239.35 million.

“Yes, for June the cost will go up because of PPnBM,” said that the claimant, who didn’t need to be named.

The 0% PPnBM itself was accepted by the Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani throughout the Minister of Finance Legislation (PMK) Amount 20 / PMK.010 / 2021 that is broken up into three periods, namely 100 percent incentive of this tariff at March-May 2021, then 50 percent of the dividend at June-August 2021, and a 25 percent tariff in September-December 2021.

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