Subsequent to giving dazzling appearances at Met Gala throughout the long term, Miley Cyrus was no place to be seen at the current year’s design occasion.

The artist chose to give the Met Gala a skip without uncovering her definite whereabouts on Instagram. Cyrus was last shot recently, acting in Napa, California.

The last time she went to the Met Gala was in 2019, with her then-spouse Liam Hemsworth.

Conversing with Vogue in June about her design and how her style has developed throughout the long term, the artist uncovered, “Design to me is somewhat flipping yourself back to front,” she said.

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“It resembles wearing your heart, wearing your guts, wearing your qualities, wearing your character, wearing your aggravation, wearing your happiness. There’s a benevolent thing of innocent [about it]. You’re so valiant when you get yourself dressed when you’re a child.

“You don’t ponder someone’s opinion about you for sure they’ll pass judgment. It’s just with regards to articulation and how you feel that day. There’s a dauntlessness. Thus when I get dressed, I attempt to sort of think like my internal identity, and be certifiable and true in whatever I’m wearing,” Cyrus finished up.