Microsoft Issues a Warning To All 'Cyberpunk 2077" Xbox Players

Most people have heard of the Cyberpunk2077launch fiasco. It was released in an unfinished form, which was particularly bad on the original Xbox One and vanilla PS4. It did much better on the PS4 Pro, and even better on Xbox One X. Stadia performed better than any other system the game was launched on.

This disappointing performance on the last-gen systems was a first for a AAA game. Sony took drastic measures and removed the game from its digital PlayStation Store. Both Sony and Microsoft started issuing refunds to help upset gamers. Although the game was still a success, console gamers were offered additional protection because they discovered that the CD Projekt Red game wasn’t as good either performance-wise or graphics-wise.

Sony recently allowed the game to be returned to the PlayStation Store, despite the many issues on PS4 continuing. Microsoft has now reversed its refund policy and allowed the game to return to the PlayStation Store despite the many problems that it was having with the PS4. These updates have resulted in Microsoft returning to its standard digital game refund policy for Cyberpunk2077 on July 6. This applies to both new and current purchases.

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