Microsoft Continues to Iterate on an Xbox Cloud Gaming Device

While we still wait for an official announcement, we have a few clues. One device may run Windows or Xbox OS, but is it a true cloud streaming device? Will it be less expensive than the current Xbox console? It may even bridge the console generation gap. In a statement, Microsoft said the device has been in development for a few years and will be available in the coming months.

Keystone is an Xbox cloud streaming device

The rumor is that Microsoft is planning to release a streaming device called ‘Keystone’ within the next year. It may be based on a’slimmed-down’ operating system and won’t require a console. And unlike current gaming consoles, the device is likely to cost less. But what’s the deal with Keystone? Here are some things to know before the device is released.

The name “Keystone” is a codename for a cloud gaming device that can connect to an HDMI-connected TV. It’s rumored to be very inexpensive and aimed at gaming enthusiasts. It’s not clear whether Microsoft will release it before or after the Xbox One, but it’s expected to arrive this year. The company has several prototypes for this device already. Keystone will also likely be available for pre-order in the United States and Europe.

It may run Windows or Xbox OS

Various rumors are circulating about a new Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming device that will be able to stream games from the console to a PC. Interestingly, Microsoft has confirmed multiple times that it is working on a cloud streaming device, although it has yet to publicly unveil it. We can expect to see the device on the market in 2020, though that will depend on when the company decides to finally reveal it.

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The current Xbox streaming stick could be an HDMI dongle, stick, or even a small set-top box that runs a modified version of Xbox OS. This device could be affordable and support entertainment apps such as Netflix and Apple TV. Microsoft also said it is exploring other options for its streaming stick. This new streaming stick will be designed for people who are looking for a new way to play Xbox games.

It will be cheaper than Microsoft’s Xbox streaming device

While the Microsoft Xbox streaming device is rumored to cost less than a traditional Xbox One, it’s not entirely clear what it will be like. Code-named Keystone, this device will function as an everyday set-top field for media. In addition to gaming, this device will likely offer news streaming apps and be cheaper than a traditional console. Microsoft is currently selling its cheapest gaming console, the Xbox Collection S, for $299. It will be cheaper than Microsoft’s Xbox streaming device, although you can find it for even lower prices.

The Xbox Game Pass streaming device will be a small, affordable piece of hardware. Unlike a console, the Xbox streaming device will not contain powerful components. This means it will cost less than a Xbox One or PlayStation 5 and it will be a lot cheaper than the console. If it does launch, expect the device to be available in the summer of 2017.

It could bridge the gap between console generations

A new video shows how the next-generation Xbox will boot up. Xbox CEO Phil Spencer says it will be a “bridge” between console generations. He believes that the Xbox cloud streaming device will be a “platform-neutral” device that bridges the gap between console generations. Despite being a platform-neutral device, the Xbox cloud streaming device may still be too expensive for consumers. The first generation of consoles dominated the market for years. Now, there are many alternatives to traditional games.

One of the biggest differences between the Xbox Cloud Gaming platform and Google Stadia is the resolution. The Xbox Cloud Gaming platform only targets 1080p. An Xbox streaming stick would not require massive processing power or 4K support, but it would likely cost more than an Apple TV 4K or Amazon Fire TV Cube. However, it would compete with the Xbox Series S. It may even offer a controller. But there’s no guarantee.