Microfiber Cyclomop - For the People who are Tired of Daily Cleaning

Daily cleaning is a necessity for every good home, workplace, or market. Though, with our hectic schedules, it can get on our nerves at times. Especially with kids around, the cleaning can never end. Are you tired of cleaning your house every day? Are you tired of seeing stiff stains on the floor of your office that are becoming impossible to remove? Do not fret, because we brought a present for you. 9 Star Innovation Limited, a brand that offers incredible smart products, presents this time the Cyclomop Commercial Spin Mop. Cyclomop with its microfibers is doing magic out thereby cutting your energy use by 50%. Want to know how? Read the below article.

What is a Cyclomop Commercial Spin Mop?

A Cyclomop Commercial Spin is an advanced tech mop made to ease up your daily routine of cleaning. It has a spinning feature, which makes it exceptionally useful for cleaning. Now you do not have to struggle with scrubbing a hard stain on the floor. The microfiber heads of Cyclomop will do the work for you. You do not need even 50% of your strength to manage Cyclomop. The ultimate strong bristles of the microfiber and scrubbing brush, which come with cyclomop, will smoothly clean the smudges and polish your floor as well as new.

Different Gadgets of Cyclomop

Before going into further details of cyclomop, let’s discuss what gadgets a Cyclomop by 9 Stars Innovation provides.

  • Two Microfibers: Microfibers are famous for their smooth and perfect use as a cleaner. Cyclomop offers 2 microfibers in one set. The durable bristles of microfiber make them a hundred times more useful. While spinning the mop, the dust and dirt get stored in their heads, making enough clean space in them to clean. Besides collecting dust and being used as a mop, microfibers are also used as a duster for mirrors, doors, and windows.
  • The mop head: The mop head of the Cyclomop is the stronger gadget. As all the pressure will be on it while using it, 9 Stars Innovation put the main focus on its durability. You can turn the mop head 180°, making it easier to clean the narrow places.
  • The handle: the handle is the stick that is used to manage the mop. Its length can be increased or decreased according to need.
  • The scrubber: It is a round-shaped brush with stronger bristles than microfibers. It can be attached at the end of the mop head to clean the stiff smudges on the floor.
  • The Dolly: The dolly is the wheel carriage for the bucket to make it portable. It provides easy transportation for the entire setup.
  • The bucket: The bucket is the most fascinating thing in the whole setup. It has two compartments. One is to wash the mop, and the other is a centrifugal drier. They gave the fastest clean-up to the mop. The microfibers are washed and dried in the following steps.
  1. Add your favorite detergent to the washing compartment with an adequate amount of water.
  2. Place the mop in the washer.
  3. Pull down on the handle stick. The mop head will spin for cleaning.
  4. Place the mop in the dryer basket. Confirm that all of the bristles are in the basket.
  5. Push the handle down again; 3 to 4 times may be sufficient to bone dry the microfibers. You can also use the paddle near the drier to spin the mop head.

With the quick cleaning and fast spinning of the mop, you can clean even a big hall within a few minutes. The spinning technology not only helps in cleaning the floors but also cleans itself.

Useful Features

  • Stainless steel: the setup of Cyclomop is mostly made of stainless steel, so it will be corrosion-free, making it reliable for a longer period.
  • Stain-free floor: cyclomop has more power than you think. can clean the oldest spots on your floor.
  • No wet floor: the bristle setup of microfiber is done perfectly, making it a stronger drier. It just sucks up the liquid.
  • Corners and edges free of dust: The spinning feature of the Cyclomop did an amazing job while cleaning the corners or edges of a wall. It leaves no sign of dirt.
  • Cyclomop is not only concerned with floor cleanliness but also with the hygiene of your hands. You do not need to wash your hands after using cyclomop. With a simple push or pull of your feet, you can easily attach and detach the microfiber. Step on the microfiber with one foot and push away the handle at 60° to detach it. The handle will easily pop off.

Where can Cyclomop Commercial Spin Mop be used?

Floors made of vinyl, marble, wood, or patio can all be cleaned with Cyclomop. It can also be used to clean doors, windows, and mirrors. Detach the microfiber and use it as a duster. Spray some detergent on the mirror. Now clean it with a microfiber. It will polish it, leaving no stain behind.


No mop is better than the magical cyclomop by 9 Star Innovation for cleaning a wet floor or dusting. It provides hygiene, is germ-free, and requires less effort to maintain cleanliness. The Cyclomop Commercial Spin mops will help you save time and energy when cleaning your hardwood, vinyl, or marble floors. So, what are you holding out for? Order the tool that will ease your daily cleaning struggle as soon as possible. A handle, mop head, two microfibers, a scrubbing brush, a washing bucket, and a dolly are all included in one set. You can order it from Cyclomop official website. Cyclomop is also available on Amazon, in addition to the official website. The reviews there are amazing.