Created by Max Martin, the Italian band’s most memorable new music of 2022 is approximately founded on characters they met during their time in LA.

“We composed ‘Supermodel’ in the wake of expenditure the best couple of months in LA,” Måneskin said in an explanation regarding their new single. “On occasion we were amazed at this point charmed to find how individuals thought often such a huge amount about the possibility of ‘VIP’ and status, fixating on their looks and associations.”
Expounding on the melody some seriously during a visit with NME for the most recent Big Read, frontman Damiano David said: “We generally have this picture of the US as ‘the coolest spot in the existence where dreams work out as expected and everybody has open doors!’ That’s valid, however at that point on the opposite side there’s a great deal of foul play, shamefulness, vagrants and bigoted crap.

“At these gatherings, everybody was a fucking style symbol. I was thinking, ‘How would they feel when they return home? Is it safe to say that they are truly blissful? Are they truly appreciating what they’re doing?’ You need to spend time with this supermodel, yet you could cause problems. It’s like cigarettes: you love them however you know they will fucking kill you. Still you’re like, ‘Whatever, I must kick the bucket one day’.”

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The video for ‘Supermodel’ was recorded in London and coordinated by Bedroom projects (The 1975) and Ben Chappell (Arctic Monkeys, Nine Inch Nails). The true to life visual is one section Tarantino; one section Hitchcock. It catches the melody’s furious state of mind and energetic verses as a progression of disastrous situation transpire. You can watch it above.

“We needed to honor our most loved ’90s films in the ‘Supermodel’ music video,” Måneskin said in a proclamation. “We attempted to catch a realistic energy about a cryptic person in the track and we needed the visual to mirror that. After we thought of the thought, we worked intimately with the chiefs and Ben to reproduce outline shots and groupings from our number one 90s films. We had some good times recording it in London, playing entertaining scenes that helped us to remember an investigator B-film.”

‘Supermodel’ was given its live presentation at Eurovision 2022 recently.

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