A Texas man accused of committing police following a pet tiger has been spotted crawling in front yard is currently in custody.

On Sunday, a movie of a tiger at a Houston area went viral following a neighbor discovered the feline had a cage.

“It is somebody’s pet,” somebody from the movie stated.

Cuevas allegedly set the tiger in a white SUV and fled the scene in a higher rate of speed.


Michael W. Elliott, Cuevas’s lawyer, suggested Cuevas might not be the owner of the tiger or has been caring for itaccording to the Associated Press.

“People are creating a great deal of assumptions in this specific case. Perhaps he could be the protagonist out there who captured the tiger which was in the area,” Elliott told the Associated Press.

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Authorities said Cuevas was renting the house where the tiger had been spotted and think he could even have monkeys, which isn’t a breach of a Houston ordinance if they’re under 30 lbs. Exotic creatures, like a tiger, nevertheless are.

“I am certain that he increased it because it was a cub that is my premise,” Houston police Cmdr. Ron Borza said during a news conference Monday. “However, you can not have large animals since they are unpredictable.”