The Squid Games fever has no sign of slowing down , with Halloween just around the corner and a plethora of fans are thinking about costumes to portray their favorite characters in S quid Game, the Netflix show.

Squid Game is a South Korean show has taken the world by storm and has seen live versions of game appearing on playgrounds and certain school located in New York have gone as far as banning Squid Game costume costumes.

One man has combined Christmas and Halloween by creating a stunning lighting show that is reminiscent of the Christmas season, but with a an unsettling twist.

Fans Justin has decked his home with hundreds of light fixtures as you’d imagine seeing Rudolph and Santa playing on the exterior but instead, it’s the character from show’s first episode is waiting to greet you.

Justin posted a video on the TikTok account @justinthelightguy showing his house in an unidentified area, and challenges viewers to participate in “red light green light” in real life.

The video that you can watch here begins with a voice saying: “With that, let the game begin.”

The text is broadcast on a huge screen which is then followed by the timer for five minutes. The creepy doll then appears with the words “green light,” while all lights are in the same hue.

In the Instagram account, Justin shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how he came up with the lighting sequence.

It appears that he is using his computer to map the light patterns He posted: ” Squid Game Tik Tok coming soon. Gonna have actual people in the yard playing the game.”

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Squid Game has been named Netflix’s most successful title launch, attracting over 111 million people watching within its initial 28 days.

Directed and written by Hwang Dong-hyuk, the film is the story of a group of highly indebted individuals trying to win $38.6 millions (45.6bn won) through playing games for children. But if you lose, you die.