Make Your Proposal More Elegant with Alexandrite Engagement Rings

Are you secretly planning to propose to your loved one? A proposal is a memorable event in any man or woman’s life. It gives a new turn to your life regarding relationships, life, thinking, and sometimes even beliefs. So, every person dreams of this, even being perfect.

There are plenty of things you need to take care of for such an elegant moment, such as location, idea, lights, and photography, but the most significant thing is the ring for your partner since it is going to be the only physical thing that will last from that beautiful moment.

Are you searching for an elegant and exquisite ring for your partner? Now there are many brands out there. So, how to decide which is the best? Some are too pricey, and some have low quality besides being expensive. Do not fret because we are here today to assist you in choosing the perfect ring for your loved one which will sparkle in her eyes.

How about an exquisite ring with a greatly polished gemstone and a white gold ring that is neither low quality nor too pricey? We bring you Luo Jewelry alexandrite ring with one of the rarest alexandrite gemstones.

About Alexandrite (Gemstones)

Gemstones are one-of-a-kind and priceless. Each of them is a gift from nature to humans. Alexandrite is one of the exceptional gems in the world. It is a color-changing variant of chrysoberyl, which makes it special and unique. By day, it is green. In both natural and fluorescent light, it appears mostly bluish-green.” at Night” In incandescent or candlelight, Alexandrite appears purple or red. Alexandrite has a hardness of 8.5, making it a very durable stone suitable for any jewelry setting. There is no specific care needed for these gemstones. You can clean them mechanically by washing them with warm, soapy water and a brush.

About Luo Jewelry

Luo Jewelry was created in 2015 in China’s leading jewelry production center, which is home to many of the world’s most well-known jewelry OEM companies. They benefit from their proximity to the world’s best gemstone manufacturers in order to give the highest quality jewelry to our consumers. Luo Jewelry has long specialized in gemstone jewelry and is dedicated to offering each customer the most cost-effective, high-quality personalized jewelry possible.

Luo Jewelry alexandrite ring Making Process

The process of making such elegant rings for your special moment includes several expertise-detailed steps. These steps are followed:

  • A Selection of Stones

Luo Jewelry has experts who hand-select each gemstone, meticulously scrutinizing its features size, shape, color, and more because they refuse to provide poor-quality gemstones to their consumers.

  • The crafting of Alexandrite

The Luo Jewelry has a team of highly skilled jewelry artists who specialize in refining precious metals and gemstones to produce the perfect texture and smooth surface. They are also adept at setting high-quality jewels so that they remain secure for many years. They also conduct regular, stringent quality checks on each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure that they are providing their clients with the finest quality jewelry whose shine will be everlasting.

Luo Jewelry Alexandrite Rings 

One of the most significant elements, gemstones, is also the spirit of jewelry. Luo Jewelry produces a variety of jewelry items such as rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. using the beautiful soul of Alexandrite gemstone and some others, but we are here today for your unique engagement ring, so let us talk in detail about these magnificent Luo Jewelry alexandrite rings.

  • Asscher Cut Alexandrite Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Asscher cut shape always gives a royal and classy look to a jewelry item. The shine and shape are indefinable burnish in the Asscher Cut Alexandrite Solitaire Engagement Ring, making it a perfect engagement or proposal ring. The edge work around the gem connecting it with the ring is beautifully done, making it one-of-a-kind. The white gold ring with an Alexandrite gem looks like more than a treat. The gem holder ring is, however, also available in different metals such as sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum.

Luo Jewelry also provides other gemstones with Asscher cut solitaire in rings.

  •  Vine Engagement Ring Alexandrite Solitaire Ring

The shape of this gem is round and simple, but the edges work in the pattern of vines, making it a magnificent piece. The fine-burnished Alexandrite gem with beautiful edges makes it more of a sparkly thing. The ring with it is also available in different golds, as well as platinum and silver.

  • Vintage Alexandrite Bezel Set Solitaire Ring

The bezel shape with a round Alexandrite gem gives this ring a vintage look. If you are planning a classy vintage proposal with elegant dining at a 5-star hotel, this ring is perfect. It will definitely enhance the sophistication of your date. Of course, you can choose the ring metal.


  • Heart-Shaped Alexandrite and Sapphire Ring

Want more romantic pieces for your partner? The Heart-Shaped Alexandrite and Sapphire Ring is the best jewelry then. Girls admire hearts and romantic stuff like this. So why not give a heart-shaped ring? It consists of one main heart shape, and Alexandrite makes it all lovey-dovey. Plus, two sapphire stones enhance the value of the ring on each side of the Alexandrite stone in a bezel shape.

Luo offers another heart-shaped Alexandrite ring, but it does not have sapphire stones. You can always go for it if you want a more simple piece.

  •  Cushion-Cut Alexandrite Halo Engagement Ring

Want something with more fancy edge work? This ring has a beautiful and stylish craft ship around its cushion-shaped Alexandrite gem. It makes it prettier, shinier, and more attractive.

  • Asscher Cut Men’s Alexandrite Ring White Gold

Alexandrite rings are not only for women here but also for men. Girls also propose you know. The shape of this piece is Asscher with a bezel-set, giving it a simple and classy look. Although the ring is available in various metals, the best choice for this is white gold. If you are planning an engagement or wedding together, you can buy the matching set of Asscher Cut Alexandrite Solitaire rings for your partner.

Although there are many other elegant designs offered by Luo Jewelry alexandrite rings, we are ending our list here. You can check out the others on their official website.


Luo Jewelry offers the customization factor. You can customize the jewelry, including Alexandrite rings, according to your needs, for example, engraving the name of your partner.

Final Words

For engagement, wedding, or a proposal, Luo Jewelry understands that a ring is not only a jewelry piece but carries a great sentimental value. We hope our list of Luo Jewelry alexandrite rings can help you find the perfect ring for your perfect partner. For more details, you can check out the items and their details on the company’s website. You can deliver their items anywhere as they deliver worldwide.