The Queen of Pop ensured everyone was focused on her when she wore a strange dark ribbon balaclava and a lot of bling while at the same time partaking in a night smoking hookah.

The strange covered uncovered just the 63-year-old hitmaker’s eyes and precious stone encrusted barbecue, which is on full show as Madge blows smoke to the camera.

Wearing a dark Balenciaga coat and shaking a long bleach blonde braid, the Material Girl thoroughly searches cheerful.
The stunning orange hookah pipe is in full view in the video which is joined by Kendrick Lamar’s raving success Humble.
Madonna keeps her 18 m Instagram adherents refreshed most days with new odd snaps and recordings as of late she got restricted from communicating real time on Instagram after it was uncovered she was “going against…community rules”.

Enraged, Madonna shared a video web based, composing: ‘I’ve never worn so many garments in my day to day existence.

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