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‘Fire on the water,’ which features the warm, soulful vocals of Love Jimo and compositions where pop blends with dancehall and afrobeat, is a source of peace for anyone who wishes to return to normal after enduring difficulty. “Fire on the water” was produced by Love Jimo, the album’s executive producer. Love Jimo is responsible for producing “Fire on the water.”


Love Jimo, whose real name is Love Ezekiel Jimo, was born in Nigeria. Love Jimo’s real name is Love Ezekiel Jimo. In 2017, he had his first breakthrough with the song “Tinini” in Ibadan, where he was born. The following year, he collaborated with Wrecobah, an indigenous singer and producer from the same region. As part of Wrecobah’s enormous body of work, the Nigerian musician Timaya, who has won multiple awards for his singing, was the producer of the songs “Dem Mama Records” and “Sweet Like Sugar.”

Previous work

Love Jimo, currently based in Oslo, has released a tender love song for the year 2020 named “High On Kasia.” This song was selected to be featured on the Spotify playlist “New Music Friday Norway.” Since the release of Love Jimo in 2017, the song has been streamed nearly three million times on Spotify and seen nearly two million times on YouTube.

The song “Lost in Time” is fantastic music, and it displays the profound interest that he gained while growing up in church, which helped him stay off the streets. Every one of his lyrics is so fervently packed with the genuine feelings he attempts to convey to the listener. His most recent single is no exception, as he continues his mission to reach out to people still suffering emotionally after experiencing a significant loss.

Latest Released ‘Fire on the water.

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His most recent smash hit, “Fire on the water,” will be published by the DBMG recording facility, situated just outside Oslo, Norway, on the 31st of August 2022.

This song is something that he has been working on for a considerable amount of time, and it is something that he feels has a tremendous amount of significance for him. This song stands out among the other songs he has released in the past because of the message it is attempting to communicate.

Message the song is conveying

Through the lyrics of this song, he is attempting to calm himself and others around him by explaining that everything, regardless of how wonderful or terrible it may be, is subject to change. He makes this point to show that change is inevitable. He continues by saying, “I can tell how much pain there is in them by the expression in your eyes,” which adds to what he already stated. 

The reason behind the name

It was the only metamorphosis that perfectly depicted the circumstances in which he found himself at that specific moment. Therefore he chose to give it the name “Fire on the water” since he felt it best reflected the situation.

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