Lil MC new photoshoot from "You Belonged To Me"

Lil MC released her track “You Belong To Me” last Friday on Jan 27, 2023- a self-produced single off her upcoming debut album “Flex Maquina”, which is set to drop in early spring of 2023. This record sets the stage for her highly anticipated cyber-punk themed project that aims to shift the sonic landscape for mainstream Hip Hop. LiL MC broaches topics and themes that aren’t typically heard in mainstream music, but her production, flows, and melodies appeals to the mainstream sound, making her music standout in the musical zeitgeist.

“We’ve seen seen so many you rappers die due to overdose in Hip Hop over the past 5 years” LiL MC says, “And I think we are doing the younger generation a disservice by glorifying drug use in our music when the reality is that most artists turn to substance abuse because they are suffering from an underlying mental illness”.

Lil MC is an advocate for mental health awareness and regularly releases content where she opens up a dialogue around her own struggles with mental health and drug abuse. “I want my music to be impactful and transcend beyond the party or the club- I want fans who hear my music to feel like they are not alone in whatever it is they may be struggling with- Hip Hop is rooted in community and if we can’t learn to support one another than we are going to continue to see our young rising stars succumb to tragic avoidable deaths”.

Lil MC is an international Hip Hop educator, who teaches the history, culture and artistic elements of Hip Hop to thousands of kids every year. She directs much of her focus on working with systems impacted youth and marginalized communities, and is currently building a women’s empowerment artist residency program for young women who have been victims of or are at risk of human trafficking.

“Hip Hop is so much more than music- it’s a culture that is so powerful and pervasive it can shift the ideological paradigm of the entire world if we remember why it was created in the first place” Lil MC says.

Join LiL MC in the fight to make a positive impact through hip hop culture. Follow her on instagram or visit her website for updates on future releases and performances. You can currently find the track “You Belong To Me” on all digital streaming platforms.