Less Than Super Response to Uncontested Scrums

A less-than-super response to the idea of uncontested scrums is not surprising. The sport’s officials have been mulling de-powered scrums as a potential solution to the COVID-19 outbreak. But coaches and players are not so sure about the move. Here are some possible scenarios for this new rule. Here are some ideas. Hopefully, the debate will lead to some new rules for the game.

Uncontested scrums would strip Super Rugby of its identity, a move that the game’s coaches and players don’t want. Waratahs prop Harry Johnson-Holmes and forwards coach Pauli Taumoepeau have a cold response to this idea. Darren Coleman has a different, more positive response to this controversial idea.

The idea of uncontested scrums isn’t entirely new. Despite the controversy, the game is still played by many players. In most cases, the offside line is located five metres behind the team’s hindmost foot. Once the scrum ends, the offside line becomes the goal line. If the scrum ends, the offside line is irrelevant.

“The concept of uncontested scrums was developed by the French Rugby Federation in 1934. Other countries followed, including Romania, Italy, Portugal, Czechoslovakia, and Romania. It was first used in the 1980s to promote the game in the French Rugby Federation. The first uncontested scrum in the World Cup was played on May 2, 1942. This was the same day the IOC and IRB announced the Olympics will introduce this new rule.

The idea of uncontested scrums has been around for a while. It is controversial because it is not a true rugby game. However, it’s not an uncommon practice in other sports. In fact, the idea was a popular one during the 2010 World Cup and is now a part of the world’s most famous sport. A less-than-super response to the uncontested Scrum’s proposal is a good start for the sport.

The scrum zone is the area between the front-row players and the scrums. The referee moves the scrum mark into the zone. Those who are in the front row must be in the scrum zone and must have both feet on the ground. The hooker must have both feet on the ground and must be behind the front-row player.


The IRB is also considering renaming the sport’s competition as “Tri-Nations”. In the meantime, the name of the tournament has changed to the Rugby-Bundesliga. It is an abbreviation for the top division of the sport. It is an acronym for the two groups that face each other. Hence, the scrum is a two-way battle.