LeBron James Advisor Responds to The Rachel Nichols Story

ESPN’s Rachel Nichols is involved in the latest NBA controversy. This also includes Maria Taylor and LeBron James’ advisor.

Nichols was captured on a hot microphone having a conversation about the advisor Adam Mendelsohn while in Orlando during last year’s NBA Playoffs. The New York Times got the audio and published its findings in the latest article.

During the conversation, Nichols expressed frustration that ESPN wanted to give Taylor some of his responsibilities with the network. She mentioned that ESPN did not do so due to its “crappy history” with diversity within the company.

Mendelsohn had a lot to say about the Me Too’ and ‘Black Lives Matter movements.

“I don’t even know.” During the conversation, Mendelsohn stated that she was exhausted. “Between Me Too, Black Lives Matter, and me, I have nothing left.”

The heavy backlash has resulted from the bombshell comment. LeBron James’ PR advisor Mendelsohn has issued a reply.

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LeBron James has been an advocate for minorities and movements to improve their lives. It could cause tension between them as LeBron James and his PR advisor, who has become “exhausted” by them.

ESPN has not yet taken any action against Nichols.